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The Fool: What's the one thing you'd MOST like to see The Motley Fool add to our service or improve upon?
papitas: eliminate or optimize fooladserver.fool.com

I hate the wait to redraw screens.
The Fool: What, in your opinion, are some of life's big mysteries?
papitas: Why are baseball players "ranked" by stats while football players by championships? Ted Williams is viewed as the greatest hitter. Why? His team won no championships. Maybe Dan Marino should be called the greatest passer (or thrower). Don't get me started...

Why most newscasters look like aliens. Sam Donaldson. 'nuf said.
The Fool: OK, Elvis and Larry King: Which one's a true king -- or were both -- or were neither?
papitas: Elvis, maybe. Larry, no chance, although he has been married as many times as "KING" Henry VIII. What about Don? WHAT about Don? WHAT ABOUT DON? Yes, Don, the true king.
The Fool: Okay Gilligan (or Ginger), you're stuck on a deserted island. What one material possession would you hope to have with you?
papitas: my local Safeway store

The Fool: What's your favorite Fool message board?
papitas: Ask the Headhunter
The Retire Early Home Page
The Fool: What's the most overrated idea, person, or event in our culture?
papitas: celebrities and sports figures as role models
(runner-up: cigar fad)
The Fool: Tell us about Your Dumbest Investment... and the lesson you learned from it.
papitas: unwisely investing my time. I'm still learning...
The Fool: Have you had a brush with fame, the proverbial '15 minutes'? Tell us about it.
papitas: I was on a Japanese TV show called "California Nami" in the mid 1980s. Supposedly, it was on Channel 9 in Tokyo and was very popular. Anybody see it?
The Fool: What product would you like to see us offer at FoolMart -- www.foolmart.com -- our online store?
papitas: "Get out of Work FREE" cards
The Fool: Did you ever do something as a child that you look back on now and say, 'Wow, I'm lucky even to be alive after that!'
papitas: Well, I was on a bus that passed through Liberty City an hour before the 1980 riots. An hour later and I would have been, well, not alive.
The Fool: Are there any local companies in your area that Fools should consider for investment?
papitas: Papitas, Inc.
The Fool: Describe the worst Internet experience you've ever had.
papitas: shutting down of eWorld :(
The Fool: Make a confession.
papitas: I am filling out an interview form instead of doing my work.
The Fool: What's your greatest athletic achievement? Little League champ? Ran a marathon? Did 4 consecutive sit-ups?
papitas: read an entire QuestorTheElf post without blinking
The Fool: What's your biggest pet peeve?
papitas: Your two nozy!

-- grammar errors
The Fool: Given a second chance, what financial decision would you like to do over?
papitas: sink every earned dollar since I started working (1985) into MSFT or DELL
The Fool: What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?
papitas: the chapel of bones in Portugal

The Fool: What's the best restaurant you've ever been to? (Include name, location, and average bill for two.)
papitas: Been to? I remember looking at the menu at a place in Duck, NC, called Chez Elizabeth or some other female name, with a prix fixe of $250 per couple. Ouch! That must be the best restaurant that I have "been to."

One of the best that I have actually eaten at, and paid the bill, is Iberia in Portola Valley. Around $100 for two people.
The Fool: Tell us about your greatest personal success, not necessarily finance related.
papitas: finishing college
The Fool: If you could be a CEO of any public company, which one and why?
papitas: SPLN - cutting edge technology, great subject matter, wonderful financial backing, location, location, location
The Fool: What presently non-existent product would you like the Fool to offer, and why?
papitas: My book.


So that I can make some money, go on the talk-show circuit, make some money, become a famous motivational speaker, and, then, ultimately, make some money.
The Fool: What's your favorite movie, and why?
papitas: Nothing But Trouble (not the original).

I love the actors - Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Taylor Negron, Demi Moore--and the soundtrack--Digital Underground mostly. The storyline, costumes, and set always crack me up.

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