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The Fool: What's the best restaurant you've ever been to? (Include name, location, and average bill for two.)
sandyleelee: Can't remember the name -- it's in Monte Carlo, next to the casino. What? You think I pay?
The Fool: Tell us about your greatest personal success, not necessarily finance related.
sandyleelee: Posting on NADA wearing nothing made of asbestos.
The Fool: Describe your fitness program.
sandyleelee: I never kiss and tell.
The Fool: OK, Elvis and Larry King: Which one's a true king -- or were both -- or were neither?
sandyleelee: I don't know. I've never seen either one naked.
The Fool: If you could go back in time and witness one event in history, what would you go back and see?
sandyleelee: Anne of Cleves' wedding to Henry VIII. I want to see if she was as unattractive as history has made her out to be. And, If so, I want to see the look on Henry's face.
The Fool: What's one of your special talents?
sandyleelee: Driving social conservatives nuts.
The Fool: What's your favorite activity (within the realm of good taste)?
sandyleelee: Driving social conservatives nuts.
The Fool: Did you ever do something as a child that you look back on now and say, 'Wow, I'm lucky even to be alive after that!'
sandyleelee: Selling Girl Scout cookies door-to-door.
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