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The Fool: What's the biggest racket on Wall Street?
tmf2aruba: Definitely tennis. These rackets are much bigger than those used in paddle ball or....huh? Not that kind of racket? Oh. That's different. Nevermind.
The Fool: Briefly review your favorite book:
tmf2aruba: There are a few, so I'd have to list my 3 favorites. I loved Les Miserables. There's just something in the way Victor Hugo can capture man's inhumanity to man. It's a beautiful story.
Speaking of beautiful stories, one that I think is a best kept secret is Boy's Life by Robert McCammon. This is an incredible work that captures a time of innocence like none I've ever read.
Finally, I can't say enough about Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. This story moved me so much that I went out to buy the story on audio just to hear it in the author's voice. This book is an experience in imagery, a must read, in my opinion.
The Fool: Tell us about Your Dumbest Investment?
tmf2aruba: Ugh. To be honest, there have been several. But the one that will always stand out is the day I caught caught up in a lot of hype. There was this company called Comparator Systems (IDID) which supposedly was coming out with revolutionary new software that Visa was going to use for identification purposes. This was a penny stock that had risen to over $1 in unprecedented volume. Hundreds of millions of shares were being traded. Since it seemed so cheap, and "everybody" was paying so much attention, I decided to buy some. I did this without knowing a thing about the company. Bad idea.
It turned out that this company was nothing more than a scam, they had no product, and of course, the stock dropped to virtually nothing.
It taught me a lot about being Foolish...and foolish!
The Fool: Do you have a favorite non-financial website? If so, which one? (TYPE the URL)
tmf2aruba: That would have to be http://www.landscapedesignbylee.com. Heck, it's my wife's website, so I have plug it somewhere, right?.
The Fool: Tell us what your best investment has been so far and how you discovered it.
tmf2aruba: Well, while this is a company that brings feelings of aggravation to many, it still brings a smile to my face.
Back in early 1995, I discovered a company called Iomega that would be releasing a storage device that would hold 100 megs on a disk, and the drive would cost $200. I came upon this company because I wanted something that could back up my drive without costing me a fortune, and when I read about this, it's like bells rang in my head, and I thought that if I was so intrigued, others would be too. I told my wife that I felt this could be an investment that could make some money.
Before long, IOM had made a stellar climb, and while it has since plummeted back to earth, it was one time where I had taken profits along the way.
In 1996, we decided to use some of the profits to put a mountain lake pool in our yard, fully landscaped. Set in the brickwork is a bronze plaque reading "iomega '96". We thought this would be a fun touch, as without this investment, there'd have never been the pool.
The Fool: When you aren't working or sitting in front of the computer, what occupies your time?
tmf2aruba: Well that surely doesn't leave much time. Seems I'm almost always either on the computer or in a classroom. Of course, eventually summer comes. Let's see. When I'm not in Fooldom, or in a classroom teaching, I like to read, go for walks, play in NYC, or relax on an Aruba beach.
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