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This is going to be a bit random. I've been trying to lose weight, increase fitness, etc. seriously for a couple of months, (well actually, years longer than that, off and on) and got a Fitbit Zip on June 17. That seemed to bump up my commitment, or awareness or something. The logging of what I eat and do is so much easier with this.

I've lost 6.4 lbs in a month. Although I've been low-carbing for a long time, I went with calories since that's what's easiest to track. I still avoid potatoes, rice, bread, etc for the most part, although I will have a piece of bread or a slice of pizza once in a while. And there's no cookies, cake, ice cream, etc. in the house. I will get a good craft beer when we're out but don't keep it in the house. Beer at home is a Mich Ultra Amber with lime.

What I've found is that walking/stepping 4-5 miles a day make a huge difference in how much I can eat and still lose, and a huge difference in how I feel. (I know...real "Duh! moment, but I seem to have to keep proving that to myself.)

When I see how my food intake graphs out, it looks like I'm on a high fat diet and like my carbs aren't as low as they should be. But the fat mostly comes from avocados in salads and the carbs are coming from salad vegetables and berries. Berries are pretty much the only fruit I eat.

I've stayed in the same calorie range before, but when those 1200 or so calories were coming partially from bread, rice, etc. I was white-knuckling though the day, focused on the next time I could eat. At this point, I'm enjoying what I eat but it's not the focus it used to be. I just feel like I don't need that much food.

My lab work is fine, I feel good, have energy, etc. And this is totally unscientific but I have wondered if my typical joint pain I'd associate normally with walking so much is absent because of the fat intake.

I don't follow the big breakfast and decreasing food pattern. I've tried that and I just don't like how I feel. I feel best when I walk a couple of miles before eating a hard-boiled egg or something similar, sometimes with some berries on the side. And the healthy snack through the day thing...I decided not to go with that. I just do better all around when I don't try to fit those in.

Dinner is usually a big salad topped with some goat's cheese and a steamed chicken breast. I add lemongrass, etc. to the steaming water and use a lot of spices on the meat. This is a big meal but it's a social/creative thing for me and DH.

I find I get jumpy if I don't get my 10k steps in. I joined a gym in May but the heat has kept me in the apartment a lot. I get to the apartment gym some and use weights I have handy.

The fitness thing takes a LOT of time, it feels like. I've had to re-think efficiency: our building covers a small city block. If I walk the dog, come back, go the the grocery store on the ground level, come back, go check mail, come back, go get coffee, come back, that's close to two miles if I take the most circuitous route. I'd have to work out at a much higher intensity if I were working and trying to fit around that kind of schedule. I couldn't have done this before I retired.

There's still a lot of tweaking I want to do with diet, and starting next week, when DH starts at the gym with a trainer, I'll be doing a lot more strength work. And I wish, of course, that the weight was coming off faster (I guess that never goes away). And I don't know what all this will look like in the winter, since right now the heat makes salads and other light fare more appealing than soups and stews.

TL:DR...I've been doing some things differently and lost 6 lbs in a month. It's a work in progress & I wanted to get it out there :-)

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