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Father, Believing He Was Confronting Armed Burglar, Fatally Shoots His Son In New Fairfield


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Wasn't it just last week a lady shot her husband under the same "I thought he was a burglar" circumstances?
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The guy was "BREAKING AND ENTERING'.....

At some point, if he lives in a high crime area, he is going to get shot.


Burglars and "HOME INVADERS" in the middle of the night, dressed in black and a ski mask, aren't just 'coming home late'.

It was at least a felony.

It's sad the kid went so bad.

And it is sad it was the father who shot him, but it would have just been a mater of time before he got shot by someone else.

If you are a are going to pay the price.

What, we should let folks rob, steal, rape and rob because, well, someone might get injured in the process? That seems to be the norm there. You 'hurt' the robber , rapist, or worse...and he will sue you for damages. You can't stab him, hit him, or anything. Over there, you just got to let him take your money, jewels, and life...don't hurt him, Bluto!..

NOw, I guess if intercst had an armed guy, who demanded that intercst transfer all his on line accounts to a Swiss bank account, immediately, by wire transfer..... and tied up intercst....intercst wouldn't resist and would provide all the required passwords....let the perp have his way...and interct would likely wind up dead....afterwards.....but heck, that's all about liberals..and his neighbors, even though armed, wouldn't think of 'saving' intercst because, duh, the don't want to use their guns.

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