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Hi Fools:

I'm in the market to purchase a Lexus RX300 (Sport Utility Vehicle). Have any of you purchased a Lexus
RX300? If so, did you purchase under or over Dealer Invoice? What percent over or under invoice can I expect to pay? I'm purchasing in the Chicago market area.

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I just got the RX300 about 3 weeks ago and paid about $2600 below the sticker. I don't remember how much above the invoice that was; I've thrown away my printouts. I would doubt you could get one under invoice, it's just too popular. I tried to get a used one first, but they were selling almost as high as the new ones. From what I looked at in Edmunds and other web sites, I paid about the average price. I did get a cargo net thrown in. Check the message board for it at Edmunds. Several people have talked about price there.

I live in the Atlanta area and my husband has a big SUV so I did not get the 4 wheel drive or even the traction control. The dealer here charged only $200 for paper work and no advertising fee. I had also looked at a Toyota Avalon and the dealer fees were outrageous.

I love it---it's my first new car in 12 years!


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