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Hello All,

What a delightful board! I just stumbled across it and was facinated by the above threads. I retired in 1994 at age 56, early for my profession, & I love it. For what it's worth, my 2 cents...

(1) When someone intrudes in my peace, telling me I need to have a "purpose", I laugh & give them a philosophical answer, To wit: "Life has no purpose. Each individual person brings his/her purpose to the table, and they are all different." I never justify my decision by giving reasons. Reasons are only required in a court of law. A definitive answer is a reaction.

(2) If they push, I answer with a question. "Why are you worried?" "What are you afraid of?" "Do you have a problem with that?", etc., etc.

(3) Invariably they ask, "What do you do?". Again I laugh & answer "Whatever floats my boat." I tell them my list of leisure pursuits is long and curious.

(2) We moved to the country & bought a small "farm" (10 acres). So they get cute and ask, "What do you grow?" I answer, "I grow old."

(3) The toy comment is right on. They will own you. I'v kept that down to one Bike & one Muscle car (old).

Remember, the true definition of stress is any change. Change scares a lot of folks. Fear breeds anger. I think that's why they mess with us.

Best regards,

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Good for you Joe:

1. I hope your muscle car has lots of muscle.

2. I hope your bike has an engine (1000cc or bigger).

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