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I have a framed art print that I am thinking of selling. The piece is titled "Plantation II" by Jim Booth. I have number 330 of 750.

I went to the artists web site and it has a page that lists the original price and then the collector's price or insurance value price. For this print (I assume not framed) the original price was $85 and the current collector's price is $2300.

I'm thinking about selling it and would like to make a simple transaction. Instead of listing it on eBay and having to go through the payment collection, shipping, etc., I was thinking of approaching some art stores in a large city near me.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Also, is there any type of online service where people list certain prints they are seeking (in case my simple quick approach doesn't work?)

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Hmm - interesting question.

My guess is that most art galleries nearby are only going to want to display/sell it if it is an original work. Art stores might consider taking it on a form of consignment, but they're going to want a significant cut. So would a gallery, but the store even more so, I would imagine.

This is a total Wild-a$$ guess, but I'm thinking you're going to lose 35-50% off the sale price by the gallery/store taking its cut. Is it really not worth putting on eBay/Craigslist/etc.?

If you do decide to go through art stores, I'd highly recommend shopping it around. You've got a real value there, and you should compete on price as well as quality (ex: a higher-end store might command a higher price, so while they may take a higher cut, you end up walking away with more). Basically, you can either enter the market yourself (eBay, etc.) or through an agent, who will want their share. It's time and hassle vs. money. That age-old dilemma. :)

Good luck. Hopefully someone else can help you out with a better solution.

Happy holidays,
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