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Hi Jason,

I always wondered about this, and I thought I'd ask you since you always respond and give good explanations.

Is there any specific reason why I don't see TMF analysts ask questions during quarterly earnings conference calls?

I know you don't speak for all analysts at TMF, but I know you as well as other TMFers do guest appearances on TV and other mediums, publish articles, etc. Is there any reason why you don't phone in like other analysts at other firms and ask questions during the calls? (I'm not saying anyone should or shouldn't do this...I'm just curious.)

Or maybe some TMFers do, and I just don't peruse enough conference call transcripts to see this.

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Hey Carl,

Great question indeed. There is no rule or anything that prevents us from doing this and it has been done before on occasion. I think part of it is simply often questions get answered regardless of whether we are in there or not. And part of it is also that some of us don't rely as much on the Q&A portion as sometimes they can just be more or less analysts asking for guidance or what number they should use to fill in cell D1 of their Excel sheet.

Now some companies are going to be easier to get in the queue than others, so there's that dynamic as well and as we are not known for doing that kind of thing on a consistent basis it can prove more difficult to make happen.

I've thought before of doing it, but only if I have a substantial question that I don't think is covered in the release. Higher One is one for example that I may yet jump in on as I've an ongoing relationship with management there and I genuinely want to know how they see the road ahead. So maybe I'll just do that Carl :)

I'll let you know.

Foolish best,

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Thank you for the informative reply. I always wondered.

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