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Can someone comment on this SA article which discusses "Inventory Obsolescence"?

I am not an accountant so I cannot begin to comment on the impact of balance-sheet fanciness on the recent stock gains. GMCR is a well-known brand and I am not surprised it moved as much as it did on this report of "good news."

However, I am skeptical of its recent gain and I am also highly interested in a more-informed opinion of this accounting strategy, especially because Rule Breaker's has recently recommended a HOLD after the recent earnings announcement. But quite frankly, the fall from grace has been extremely painful for shareholders. We deserve to know.
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Getting a senior person from Coke to become GMCR's CEO was a big step forward for this company. It eliminated a fear in my mind that this company was being lead by people incapable to taking the company to a higher level of performance.

The short sellers can talk all they want about trucks leaving with stock to hide it from auditors. If that happened, which I doubt because a cell phone video could have proved the contention, it was certainly a sign of people not afraid to go to jail. I doubt a guy with a shot at CEO of Coke is going to GMCR to break the law and try to commit fraud. I think this is a great summary of today's situation:

Jim Kramer appeared on CNBC Nov. 20 asserting that Kelley's hiring was in large part to restore credibility to Green Mountain, which suffered a stock price drop following a two-year SEC accounting investigation, stockholder litigation, not to mention the negative comments by hedge fund manager David Einhorn, who is short the stock. Kramer reasons that it makes no sense for Kelley to make the move from Coke, potentially risking his reputation, without having some plan of attack including settling with stockholders and working with the SEC for a quick resolution.

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The correct spelling for Jim Cramer is James J. Cramer, JD

Thanks for showing my name with the incorrect spelling. I did provide the link to the story with the incorrect spelling. I post Cramer comments periodically and get his name spelled correctly. I found the article's spelling funny. Could have used "sic"...

Too bad you didn't didn't have anything of value to add for GMCR.

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