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"Good thing I only eat Fast Food.

Salmon that has been genetically engineered to grow twice as fast as its natural counterpart inched a little closer toward the nation’s dinner tables on Friday.

The Food and Drug Administration released its findings that the fish do not pose a threat to the environment and are “as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon." </snip> intercst


Some people grow twice as fast as their siblings. Reminds me of something an old farmer once said to my brother when he and I were out driving around down in Southeast Georgia looking at his beeyards. We stopped to talk to an old farmer that owned some land that my brother John kept bees on. John introduced me as his brother and the old farmer replied to me, "looks like you been pushing your brother away from the feed trough so you can hog all the food!"

While an undergraduate Animal Science major I took 4 Poultry Science classes as electives. I remember in one class the professor telling us that when they select broiler breeders, which are the chickens that lay the eggs that will grow up to be the chickens that on our dinner table, they don't select the baby chicks that are the heaviest or the biggest but the ones with the biggest appetites because they know that if that chicken eats, and has a healthy appetite they are going to grow. It's appetite, not size at birth, that dictates whether a chicken is going to be a fast grower. If it eats it's going to grow. When I was an undergraduate student back in the 1970's it took 8 weeks to grow up a chicken to frying size. Now they got it down to 6 and half weeks. In six and half weeks a little tiny chick grows up from the size of an egg to a 4 lb fryer. That is amazing.

I don't have a problem with eating "franken-fish." It's just a fish with growth genes that have been manipulated to grow fast. Not much different than a person like me who out-grew my older brother. I was just born with appetite genes that work in over-drive.

I consider all this hype about genetically modified food to be a bunch of hype. There has got to be some way to feed 7 billion people. The alternative is to let them starve. It's either grow and eat genetically modified food or there are going to be some hungry people in this world. There is a limited amount of arable land in the world. We've got to figure out other ways to feed these people, especially the poor and dispossessed, and genetically manipulating food is just a fancy way of speeding up evolution to work in our favor.

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