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"I am not in the least bit surprised that you would find a report on a Right Wing, anti-immigration website and in xenophobic reaction fail to bother to check it, or apply the slightest scrutiny to it."

Since when is it xenophobic to want the rule of law upheld? You can't even argue from an intellectually honest point of view can you?

"For instance, one thing they do is combine both legal and illegal immigrants. So Christian refugees from China, who arrive legally (as a family) destitute and who are granted assistance are lumped with single men who arrive from Mexico and who are not. But they're "immigrants", right? So lets ascribe all that nasty welfare to them! How many legal refugee immigrants do you suppose arrive flush with cash?"

I have no problem helping political refugees but there are limits to what I will do to help. For instance, if I am going broke paying for it, and make no mistake, we are, then I am pretty much going to cut it off. How about we set reasonable limits? And zero for anyone who comes here illegally. Zero!

"Our findings show that many of the preconceived notions about the fiscal impact of illegal households turn out to be inaccurate. In terms of welfare use, receipt of cash assistance programs tends to be very low, while Medicaid use, though significant, is still less than for other households. Only use of food assistance programs is significantly higher than that of the rest of the population. Also, contrary to the perceptions that illegal aliens don’t pay payroll taxes, we estimate that more than half of illegals work “on the books.”""

I know Media Matters claims to be non-partisan too but they are not. I make that point only to illustrate that this site, though it claims to be non-partisan, may not be in reality. I cannot attest to the veracity of that statement with any degree of accuracy.

Further, I don't care if it is relatively small. Small is still too much for illegals. We have to end it.

"Even the National Review says "immigrants' rate of use of social benefit programs is less than that of poor Americans. He added that this means that "immigration imports a better class of underclass." This may be damning with faint praise, but it gives you a perspective which your anti-immigrant website ever does."

Here now you are changing the argument by arguing just immigrants in general rather than illegals which is what we are talking about. And you aren't just being a partisan hack are you? You meant anti-illegal immigrant not anti-immigrant didn't you? I mean, you aren't unfairly trying to paint the opposition with something it is not like some little weasel are you?

"While there is no question that some immigrant families use welfare, and even some illegal immigrant families have placed a burden on certain accomodations (schools, emergency rooms, and yes, foodstamps for children), the numbers could be telling, if we could find someone who agreed on the numbers. The Urban institute says $2B. A Rice University Professor says $20B. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says:

More recently, a 2007 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office examined 29 reports on state and local costs published over 15 years in an attempt to answer this question. CBO concluded that most of the estimates determined that illegal immigrants impose a net cost to state and local governments but "that impact is most likely modest."

We don't know what it costs exactly. We do know it is at least $2 billion. That is $2 billion more than we can afford, at the very least.

CBO also said Zerocare would only cost about $800 billion. What are they up to now? More than twice that? CBO is a good starting point but they are not a be all and end all. Further, their last statement makes their whole point completely meaningless. Most likely? Really? There are most likely many frogs outside my house right now. Do you know what that means? Nothing! There may not even be 1.

"To delineate: illegal immigrants are ineligible to receive any welfare benefits, ever. Their children may receive some foodstamp benefit. Legal permanent residents must pay into Social Security and Medicare for a minimum of 10 years before being eligible for welfare."

To delineate, while that may be the law, that doesn't mean it is a fact. The President is bound to hold up the laws we have but I know he doesn't always.

"Now I know this is a lot of words, and some of them have several syllables. So to make this easier, here is a pictorial representation for you, to respond to this downthread concern:"

Yeah, I always receive condescension well. Really makes me want to listen. Now we know all you really want is to hear yourself blather and receive undying adulation from the sycophants who actually believe in your drivel.

"Annual Military budget:"

Explain these points genius and show everyone how really smart you are:

1) What does the military budget have to do with illegal immigration?
2) Does the constitution actually define security of the free state as a responsibility of the federal gub'mint?
3) Where in the constitution would one look to find that it is the Federal Gub'mints responsibility to tax the citizens to fund illegal aliens?
4) Is illegal immigration a failure to secure the free state?

"Budget for Veterans Benefits:"

Explain these points genius:

1) What do Veterans Benefits have to do with illegal immigration?
2) Did Veterans actually give up huge chunks of their lives to EARN those benefits by contract with the gub'mint?
3) Do Veterans Benefits have anything to do with the security of the free state?
4) Did illegal immigrants earn the money they get from the gub'mint?

"Now I am not saying "therefore we shouldn't do anything about immigration at all." I am saying that perhaps the hysteria hereabouts is just a wee big overblown?"

How is 11 million + illegal immigrants causing us to go overblown when our Federal gub'mint is ignoring laws and catering to them? How is it being overblown when your president is letting them go (criminal illegals) and blaming sequestration he denies having created when the entire free world knows it was his idea?

"I'm thinking that if we're so all-fired worried about "the deficit" and "the heavy burden" that Fox News and Lou Dobbs have whipped you into, perhaps there's more than one place to go looking for "savings.""

Finally! Something we agree on. Well kind of unless we are going to enter your dishonest reality. This is the reality where you want to do nothing about this problem and save money by hurting the military or veterans. Why else would you bring them up.

Lets cut all funding for NPR. Big Bird earns enough without me helping. Lets end big ag subsidies. Lets end subsidies for green energy which is a big fat loser right now. Lets end the funding for the national endowment for the arts. That ain't gonna feed nobody. Lets end funding to planned parenthood. The Fed has no authority to give to them. That's just for starters.

Your arguments are filled with emotional nothings.


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