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"I've been the owner of the same successful business for nearly 30 yrs now.

I believe that all Obama meant that without taxpayer built and/or maintained infrastructure, most of our businesses would not be viable. In that he is absolutely correct.

It's also true that our national infrastructure is in dire need of maintenance. The maintenance requires more money than ever for a lot of reasons

We either pay for the deferred maintenance or lose the infrastructure. "


Great...let's raise the gas and diesel taxes by 25c/gallon to fund it. Let those who use the roads and bridges, and those who purchase things that require those roads and bridges pay for the use of them.

It's not a call for once again 'raising taxes on the rich' or on 'business'......

that only means the 49% who don't pay income taxes 'think' they are getting all the benefits without paying any of the freight and get a 'free ride'.

Of course they don't since business simply passes the cost on to them. sometimes, several times the cost. A business is not only going to increase the cost to the end consumer, but likely to maintain the same profit margin or return to investors, if taxed 10% more will raise prices 15% more since that ratchets them up into even higher tax brackets. It's all passed on to the end customer.

The better solution is USER based 'taxes'. Raise the gas tax. Yeah, the 'poor' will scream, but they'll actually pay less than if 'business' pays it then passes it on. And, of course, if they use the roads and bridges, they should be paying for them, not leeching off others.

Of course, what happens is that 25c in added revenue will simply disappear down the government drain, only part of it, a small part, will actually be spent on bridges and roads, most of it winding up in high priced (the highest price) union only labor and into the pockets of union leadership and union political slush funds, to be recycled at the next election time. The rest will be diverted to the politically connected bundlers and campaign cash raisers.....think SOlyndra and the other 40 failed 'greenie projects' eating up tens of billions of tax payer dollars.

Remember, whatever dollars the gov't takes in, 10% actually does good. The other 90% is wasted.

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