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"My, such a nasty retort...such venomous hate. No one hates like a lib."

And yet you always come across as such pleasant person... Not sure which part you thought was 'nasty' or 'venomous hate', but let's take a look;

"I would not enter such a debate, as I have seen his tactics."

Nothing nasty or venomous there.

" He is a blowhard and a huckster, nothing more. "

I'm hardly the first person to point this out, and he purposely is that way - that's how he made a fortune. Is this what you thin of as 'nasty' and 'venomous hate"? I thought it rather mild.

Lastly; "He has nothing to offer. Regardless, he is still a big, fat, idiot."

That must be the one that bothers you. Well, see, it is a little play on the title of Al Franken's book, "RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A BIG FAT IDIOT". It was released in 1999. Very entertaining. You can buy it here;

From Amazon's review;

"The frankly Democratic author's shtick reminds us how much of a free ride conservatives have gotten in the mainstream media. For instance, he really drives home the weirdness of the conservatives' preachiness about "family values" in light of Newt Gingrich's and Bob Dole's first marriages, and Rush Limbaugh's first, second and third marriages. And he has great fun with Rush's and Newt's miraculous draft deferments in a chapter where he imagines all of the great conservative "chicken-hawks" out on a Vietnam war patrol under the leadership of Ollie North."

From Publishers Weekly;

"Franken, a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live and in feature films, does to Limbaugh what the conservative talk-show host has been doing to Democratic politicians for years. Using admitted half-truths and out-of-context quotes, he skewers Rush & Friends as no liberal has done in years. Franken does a retrospective of Limbaugh's life from when he "fed off the largesse of the government in the form of unemployment insurance"; how he failed to register to vote until he was 35; how he used two airline coach seats to fit his opulent hind-quarters; and how he got a 4-F deferment because of a pilonidal cyst... There are two hilarious sketches: "My 'Conversation' with Rush Limbaugh" uses out-of-context quotes to corner Rush in much the same way that Limbaugh once had a "conversation" with Hillary Clinton; and "Operation Chickenhawk," with Ollie North leading Vietnam draft-dodgers Limbaugh, Quayle, Buchanan, George Will and Clarence Thomas to their demises in Asian rice paddies. Franken also doesn't have anything nice to say about Newt Gingrich, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Phil Gramm and others of the haranguing right. A mean-spirited, albeit funny, diatribe that will delight liberals."

Thanks for the opportunity to promote this book, LM. It is a personal favorite.
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