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"No, I'm not really interested in your URL's."

Of course not, you wouldn't want facts to cloud your rant, lol.

"You've made an error in judgement. So, I'll keep it simple.

C + I = R

How's that?

C = You are totally correct.

I = InParadise said she bought a new system. She did. She didn't get it.

R = Rat

Rat, as in a Rat in the refurbishment department. Perhaps someones job is on the line? Mayhaps the manager is looking for his bonus?"

Okay, other than the "you are totally correct part", which I agree with, I have NO IDEA what this means.

"Would a newbie be able to tell the difference in a monitor of a slight pitch difference? Software that's missing a few functions of the newer version?"

The original poster NEVER said she ordered anything- she simply said the web site offered DIFFERENT system configurations (which I have already disproved, if either of you will bother actually looking rather than ranting), so she could not possibly have known anything other than what is presented on the web site.

"The only thing you've proven to me is that someone is trying to earn brownie points at Dell."

"Of course, no one on this board has ever encountered one of these, ethically challenged, managers."

I'm not sure what you are trying to imply with these rants. If you are implying that I work for Dell, you are wrong. I HAVE NEVER WORKED FOR DELL, nor do I ever intend to. Notice, my profile says I live in San Antonio- thats a HELL of a commute to Round Rock (where Dell is located), lol.

"Of course, it could have been an honest mistake by Dell. But they didn't fix it, did they?"

Fix what? Nothing was broken. The original claim was that the US Virgin Island web site offered different systems (it doesn't, as I have shown) than the USA site. How do you fix something that isn't broken?

Hope this clears things up, though I suspect that if you had actually read my original post and links BEFORE ranting*, this could have been a lot easier.


* Yeah, I'm silly, I like to understand a problem and gather information before going off on a wild rant- its obvious that some people don't follow the same path...

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