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"Not just discrimination against single people. The non-working wife of a rich man gets more from SS, to which she never contributed, than a woman who worked for low wages for 40 years. the govt shouldn't be giving more to people who already have more...but then a lot of programs are like that, contrary to popular belief"

heh heh

YOu libs want your cake and eat it too.

Pelosi was just on the tube telling us that 'YOu earned your entitlements'... the (wealth envy) 'rich' man gets more from SS?

Actually, he gets back a much smaller return on his 'investment' that the lady who worked for low wages who gets back 70% or more........while he gets back 25 or 30%.....

And, what about the wife of a 'low wage worker' who also gets to collect, and collects a larger percentage of his pay when they retire?

And, of course, you left out farm wives and other wives who help out in the family business but don't take an income....maybe sweat away 40 or 50 hours a week...or 80 during harvest.....or xmas rush...... but aren't 'paid'........ and their husbands die? (of course, their husbands pay taxes on the profits of the business, and SS taxes)......

You'd let them freeze and starve to death? Whether their husbands were 'poor' or 'rich' or 'low wage' or 'rich'...

Notice your problem with 'wealth envy'. YOu can't bring yourself to say 'high income earner'. It's always 'rich'.

a lot of high income earners aren't rich...they spend everything they make.......they have little wealth......

on the other hand, maybe your millionaire next door doesn't make all that much, but knows how to invest, grwo his business, and have a net worth of a million bucks?

You folks with wealth envy always get me.

The people who spend and blow their incomes each month and get to 65 with no shower with benefits.....'they are entitled'....and the people who did without all the luxuries and spending and spending, carefully managed their finances, saved for retirement.....and have a little nest'd deny them the benefits they'd paid for for 40 or 50 years of working.

Yep, it's wealth envy and class warfare .. OBama Nomics 101.....Saul Alinksy and 'hate the rich'. Redistribution 101.....punish the successful and reward the weenies.

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