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"OPEC had us over an (oil!) barrel. Bribing states to enact 55 mph speed limits was one easy solution to ease the gas crunch (IIRC, federal highway funds to the states was contingent on enacting 55). But then, I am content to go 55 max anyway.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers day-of-the-week gas rationing based on the first (or was it the last) numeral in your plate number, or was that just a Massachusetts thing? I found that to be no problem, although there were still lines sometimes. I can't remember how often we gassed up back then, maybe once a week, but these days once a month except on driving trips. "

That was a joke.

It was 'rationing by inconvenience' rather than letting the free market work.

It was the lib dem mentality of 'we can't let gas prices rise so that folks use less'....let's come up with a convoluted system of odd-even days or odd-even numbers to inconvenience the most people the most amount..... and create horrendous lines at stations as folks 'top off' their tanks.....

There was something like a 2% shortfall. A 25 or 35c/gal increase in price would have instantly solved the problem, but no, the stupid dims and others in Congress voted to cram down stupid rules about rationing by inconvenience.

SOme folks traded in license plates on their second have one odd one and one even one...and then they brought a few 5 gal jerry cans along to fill up the other one...oh, it's for the snow mobile or for the 'boat' or for the lawn mowers..... yeah, right....

It made a mess of things.....

It stopped vacation travel dead in its tracks.

It stupidly slowed the economy down.....

It was a government caused disaster of horrendous proportions.....

If the gov't just let the free market set the price, there would not have been 2 hour waiting lines (with folks often burning as much gas as they bought to top off their tanks)....or folks being stranded on the highway out of gas since they could not buy any that day.

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