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Saw a post elsewhere and I liked the idea, inspired to donate (philanthropy) by being outraged by something.

Original post here on TMF that brought it to my attention
The issue was about a little 9-years-old girl, Martha, from Scotland who had her blog - briefly - shut down because she had been posting about the school's lack of healthy food options for lunch.

The direct link to the article about the above issue that referenced to another article and link that used the term "rage-donations":

Update 2:

The charity for which Martha asked support, Mary’s Meals, says that NeverSeconds’ supporters blew through the £2,000 she hoped to raise, and have donated enough so far to build an entire new kitchen in Lirangwe Primary School, in Blantyre, Malawi. (Update 2.1: At Grist, Twilight Greenaway says giving is up to $35,000, and coins the excellent phrase “rage-donations.”)

The final update - as of my reading now - indicates that total "rage donations" had surpassed young Martha's goal of £2,000 and reached an amazing £45,889.46 to the charity she mentioned.

IMHO "rage donations" are just a wonderfully empowering and effective method.
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This is exactly what happened earlier this year with Planned Parenthood and the Komen Foundation.

Is there a term for the opposite? Because that's what's still happening to Komen, whose Races for the Cure have been seeing much lower registration numbers and donations across the country since February.
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