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"Remember the time before satelite channels (CNN, ESPN, MTV, USA to name a few) hit your local cable company in the mid 80's?"

That time sounds more like the mid 70's. I remember them and more being part of basic cable in 1979 when I was a teen & we finally got cable & HBO cost a small premium then - I thought we were playing catch up with other parts of the country since even my technophobic frugal grandparents in the middle of rural upstate NY & relatives in the sticks in NC had all that well before the mid 80's. <shrug> Back to your point...

"The question is: Does the GUI and tablet controled by fingers bring about a new potatoe?"

Meaning TV? Jeeze I hope not. I have a touch-screen remote but I hate fingerprints on the tv set screen itself ;-)

"Look down the road 10 years....we will be talking to the box (PC) for input, and the box will talk to us for output. The PC will be communicating to us like: "come on, what the heck do you want to do?""

If I had a dollar for every time in the last 20+ years someone said how great being able to talk to a PC would be....
Here's a thought - controlling computers or widgets by voice isn't new and can be over-rated. It's a slow noisy error prone non private UI that may work ok when alone in the car but less so when with others at work play or home who don't want to have to shut up just to save us hipster HAL9000 admirers key or remote clicks. If my PC is saying as you suggest "come on, what the heck do you want to do?" my response will be "shut the &^@#% up" or some Dr Smith like robot putdown. Last thing I want in life is my electronics nagging me verbally....sheesh.
Is just an product developer I'm confident I have & still do see the niche areas speech recognition do fit (yes, a PVR/Stream-content search query is one of them and yes, Xbox360 does that already...does it better than when it was possible in 2007). Until proven otherwise I assume Apple will continue on a sane & impressive path and will not make gadgets or computers that are harder rather than easier to use...sticking to the K.I.S.S. principal has worked so far.
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