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"Some clarification Art. So let's make an assumption: My body lives in a hologram. It [the hologram] is constructed by the heart felt emotions 'signaling' the hologram program or the divine matrix how to form my reality. The divine matrix takes all the signals/emotions & mixes them up to form the reality we live in. My mind is the mechanism that allows my spirit to connect to the body. My body takes the signals & transfers them to the brain that my mind reconstructs to a picture/hologram. My mind then operates in the hologram. Did I interpret your belief on how things work correctly?" - tiscott0

Generally yes. I have a high degree of confidence this is correct but it's probably more complicated than that. I feel like I understand it but there is probably a part of it that I don't understand also.

The reason I feel this way is because there are quite a few physicists who "buy into" the holographic universe theory and an awful lot of people who have had near death experiences which describe what they experienced in terms that sound very "holographic" - to me like they were existing or living in or on the holographic film. Like the "soul" (for want of a better label) at the moment of death transfers from the projection back to the original film? Or something close to that.

"If yes that generates another question. Once I believe the hologram exists I should be able to manipulate it. Yes?" - tiscotto

No, that is not what I believe. I believe that we can't manipulate it individually. The individual can not conjure up any reality he wishes. There are physical laws that are written into the hologram. Laws which we have to follow. Which reminds me of some basic rules I learned as meat cutter, #1. Never try and catch a falling knife. #2. Never lick a sharp knife.

For instance I buy lottery tickets. I have bought them for years. If I could manipulate the hologram I would win every time. It never works which makes me believe that it's not possible, at least individually. The oversoul has it's own agenda.

If I jump off the edge of the Grand Canyon I will hit the bottom at the speed of 9.8 meters a second squared. Splat! <grin!>

There are some people who do believe they can manipulate it hence the book "The Secret" - but I am not one of those people. I don't think we have that much control.

The reason? Because the education of the soul is too important to leave up to chance. This side exists to teach "the soul" certain lessons and the physical laws of this universe seemed to be designed specifically to cause these things to happen: Separation, time and space, and make memories of what it was like to inhabit a physical body and live in a 3 dimensional + 1 time universe.

By the way, I'm not even sure the idea of individual "soul" separate and apart from each other is true. We are all connected holographically back to the Source. And it has it's own agenda.

excerpt from Michelle M's NDE:
"I remember understanding the others here.. as if the others here were a part of me too. As if all of it was just a vast expression of me. But it wasn't just me, it was .. gosh this is so hard to explain.. it was as if we were all the same. As if consciousness were like a huge being. The easiest way to explain it would be like all things are all different parts of the same body."

excerpt from Mellen Benedict's NDE:
"As the light revealed itself to me, I became aware that what I was really seeing was our Higher Self matrix. The only thing I can tell you is that it turned into a matrix, a mandala of human souls, and what I saw was that what we call our Higher Self in each of us is a matrix. It's also a conduit to the Source; each one of us comes directly, as a direct experience from the Source.

We all have a Higher Self, or an oversoul part of our being. It revealed itself to me in its truest energy form. The only way I can really describe it is that the being of the Higher Self is more like a conduit. It did not look like that, but it is a direct connection to the Source that each and every one of us has. We are directly connected to the Source.

So the light was showing me the Higher Self matrix. And it became very clear to me that all the Higher Selves are connected as one being, all humans are connected as one being, we are actually the same being, different aspects of the same being."

If you read these NDE's you begin to realize they all have a very holographic flavor to them. They say things that sound like stuff I've read in several popular physics books.

I reiterate, it has it's own agenda and I think it has something to do with the education of the soul being too important to leave up to chance.

You don't have to do anything to cause separation, it will find you all on it's own. Separation, time and space, and memories of being in or inhabiting a physical body. That's it. Nothing more.

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