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"Working class middle America is me. I was forced to pay Union dues for 22 years against my wishes. That money was filtered to the dems. I could have BETTER spent or invested MY money as I saw fit."

I can understand that, LM. I get cheezed with every mandatory check I send my insurance company, knowing that a good chunk of my money is being spent by a scumbag CEO who is using the money for political ends. Sad thing is, I get no benefit from the political activities of my insurer...they use the money to make sure they own the judges and legislators they need to keep shafting the public.

That said, while perchance you didn't know DID get benefits from being in a union. Trust me, union workers DO get paid more....that is why employers hate them so much! Employers love low low low wages.....and assuming you got paid more than you would in a Chinese sweatshop, then you did get a benefit from the union specifically and the labor movement in general.

BTW, I also hereby request that my fellow liberals tone down their insults. After all....we are winning. Conservatism is changing, changing rapidly, as the Republican civil war between the religious, the semi-libertarian and the wealthy puppetmasters unfolds before our eyes. Conservatives here are tense, my friends, tense indeed....mush as my conservative friends out here are tense. They know teabaggery will possibly prevent them from gaining the oval office for quite some time.....the social issues are killing them. In the meantime, people are now even openly questioning Saint Reagan as the supply side idiocy continues its destruction of the middle class, and the Holy Grail of deregulation of the financial sector led to the near collapse of the entire world's banking system.

Simply put, my fellow liberals....we really do have them on the ropes. They are now eating their own. We don't need to toss out insults, seriously! After all, as the basic tenets of "conservatism" fall apart, we should be there to help conservatives, to assist them in their inevitable transition to liberals. Reach out to them, give them a scratch behind their ears or a pat on the head, and a hug. As caring liberals, it is the least we can do for our fellow citizens who are watching their long held beliefs change.

Bush was the worst President in the history of the US.
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