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Hi, I'm the person that requested this board. I became interested in the company when I found its seemingly impossible high growth, low price and high profits. Still looking for the catch, I'm now researching QXM.

The English language investor relations page is:

A previous Fool post:

Yahoo Profile:

Financial statements at:

Total assets have grown from $176M in 2004 to $556M in 2007, at the same time liabilities have grown from $135M to $184M. The assets include $301M in cash and equivalents.

Over the same time Operating Income has gone from $12M to $95M, Free Cash Flow from ($5M) to $118M.

These numbers are extremely strong for a company that competes with Motorola and Nokia. I suspect part of their success comes from knowing the Chinese market better than the competition. An investor relations PDF stresses their quick (4 to 6 month) development cycle, marketing to profitable niches, strong R&D, and strong cost management.

What I don't know is ... well much of anything beyond that. Some questions are:

It's selling at a PE of 3.6 - what's wrong with the company that the PE is so low?

Yahoo shows three analysts covering the company and a a price spike between their initiation in Jun 2007 and one analyst downgrade in Oct 2007.

News history has stories of critical praise for the high end phones including a (Dick Tracy?) wrist watch phone. They are also opening retail fronts in high end malls.

I'll be looking for more information on this company. I'm sure many of you can out research me. Hopefully you can find information about this company to support a buy or stay away decision.

Disclaimer: I've gone long.
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Thanks for the information. I bought QXM @ 4.94 on 08/05/08. I'm looking for a reason to be more excited about this company. I am a layperson when it comes to investing strategies (number crunching etc.), but am enjoying the learning curve, as I have time to do so. I'll stop back on occasion and post anything that I might discover, about this company.

Best Wishes, Jon
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The financials are pretty easy to parse. The big question is Management. Are they on the up and up? There are allegations floating around that say they are not. That's requires clarification.
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Thanks. Like I mentioned (above), I am looking for a reason to like (defined as "hold"), QXM. It's still a five star company in the "CAPS" world, and is also one of my poorest performing companys at the present time. I hadn't read anything that suggests weak or corrupt managment. Not yet, anyway.

Take Care, Jon
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