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In the first few days I applied myself to defining dozens of terms. I made effort to ensure that I produced a proper and concise definition of the term in question, followed by a secondary (and unmistakably whimsical) definition for the reader’s amusement. This to my mind this is what makes TMF great, amusement as well as education. To my bother almost every effort at humour was subsequently erased – a ‘risk’ I’m absolutely and fully aware of when writing on a Wiki. Nonetheless, I’m a bit bothered by this action. Furthermore, from my quick check none of my serious bits were improved. To my mind this is editing for the sake of it as opposed to for the betterment of our community!

Okay folks, rant over, move along. There’s nothing to see here….
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I haven't checked my contributions, but I agree that humor is definitely part of what sets us apart and it should be kept in for the most part.

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Just do what I did (when my Foolishness was replaced):

1. Go to the page
2. Click on History - it's under Views on the left side
3. Curse at the person who did it (optional)
4. Click on undo

Ahh, the joy of Wikis. This of course is the reason we need boards to discuss changes.

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