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I need to rant to some folks that understand. A friend of an aquaintance called and asked me for some help. It seems she decided to make her daughter's clown outfit for school. There were just a few problems, the main one being that she has absolutely no clue on how to sew. Literally! She did not even know how to thread a needle. So she decided, "Well, I'll take some sewing classes and I can make this." She decided this less than two weeks before her daughter's class. Needless to say, in two classes she has not learned how to make an entire clown costume. So, she got my number from her friend and called me.
She explained the situation, and I took pity on her (Hey, we've all done stupid things before!). She came over on Monday and said she needed it by Thursday. I took a look at the stuff and told her I'd do it for $50. Then I noticed that the fabric she bought was extremely thin and had to be lined. She had not brought any lining material, so I used some of mine. Then I start cutting. She bought the exact bare minimum to make a child's 4t costume. Her daughter is taller than a 4t. So I called her up and told her to bring more material. Then I looked at the zipper. She bought a jacket zipper - and the wrong elastic. So, I had to substitute my own ribbons and elastic to take the place of the stuff she brought.

This evening (Wednesday) she called and said she needed to pick it up. Huh?? When she said she needed it by Thursday, she meant she needed it by Wednesday to have it for Thursday. Okay, I said, "I'm not done yet. Tell me where you live so I can bring it to you later." She told me the town, and I said fine and asked her for directions. "Well, uh, it's really easy to get to. Umm, there's a bunch of turns. Oh, what is that street? There's a bunch of them there." Finally, I said, "Okay, you come pick it up about 11pm." She started complaining and I said, "I'm sorry, but I am not going out at 11pm just to get lost trying to get to your house." So she said, "Okay, I'll be there at 10:30pm." Fine, whatever. At this point my attitude is taking a serious nosedive as this woman has no clue as to anything including the fact that I cut her a deal on the costume.

So, I started busting a gut to get it done immediately. She showed up at the house at 10:30 and needless to say, I'm nowhere near done. I've been rushing and consequently I've been making mistakes and had to unsew and resew stuff. Then I get to the trim. She has bought the bare minimum amount of trim the package calls for. That's great except that there isn't quite enough and the only way I can even get it close is to use a bunch of small pieces of rick-rack on top of each other at which point they will fray, look bad, etc. So, I cannot put all the trim on. She is sitting there watching me, and we start talking. She told me that she was trying to make a pair of flannel pajama bottoms in class and they didn't come out right. Of course, it was all the material's fault.

When I finally finished the costume, she picked it up, grabbed the other zipper, elastic, etc. and started to walk outside. I said, "Um, are you going to pay for this?" She said, "Oh yeah, my purse is in the car." I start thinking, "Wait a minute, she came here to pick it up and didn't bother to bring the money or check in?" She came back in with the cash, basically threw it at me, and stormed out like I had just ripped her off. I'm so annoyed, I really feel like hitting the obnoxious little twit.
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