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It's true! If you learn early on to save, at least, one thin dime out of every dollar you earn, you can become wealthy. Probably before age 40. Even sooner, if you invest Foolisly.

The problem is, most people get into trouble early on with credit. This is where FOOLS RUSH IN; Credit and credit cards. Many a person has gone down the drain with these two seemingly safe products. But they can be very dangerous.

A good rule of thumb is this; "If you can't pay cash, you CAN'T AFFORD IT!" Besides why would you want to pay two or three times more for something, anything, whatever you wanted? Especially when you can buy, whatever, for less than the list price, if you pay cash.

EXAMPLE: Buy $2000.00 worth of whatever for $1800.00 cash. Or Buy $2000.00 worth of whatever, on credit, and wind up paying $6000.00 or more for, whatever, because you would not or could not pay cash.

Which way would you rather do?

Think about these things, from the standpoint of everything you will buy over a lifetime. Clothes, college, cars, a house, having and raising babies, fun (movies, Disneyland, vacations, boats, motorcycles, etc.) and anything else you might desire. $500,000.00 over a lifetime.

Now tripple or quadruple the cost of everthing. $1,500,000.00 to $2,000,000.00. Is this what you really want to do? No, you say. Then start now, with the money that is given to you, or that you earn, and save that thin dime.

That extra money could be yours, if you are wise. And you can invest it Foolishly, too. Guess how many millions that could turn into? More than you will every know, especially if you don't save that dime.

In ten years you will have more worth than the average person will have at age 65. Continue to do this, and in twenty years, thirty years, etc......I think you get the idea.

Your future financial prosperity is now in your hands. You CAN HAVE it all, or OWE it all, because you SPENT it all, buying on credit.

Best wishes and good luck. It's your future, spend it wisely. Thank you for listening .
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