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too bad not enough support (somehow) to keep going ..

(may your aging be smoooooooooth......)

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So let's try harder! I just found this board.

We're retired and have been for over 10 years. We live in a comfy but not too large home on several acres here in Vermont, on a ridge. We manage on mostly combined SS income (started at age 62, by the way) plus some I take from my rather modest IRA and a few dividends. We live on maybe a third of our former combined income when we were both working.

I have managed my own investments in my IRA for 15 years or so, and do not believe in the "SWR" nonsense because I actually MANAGE my money myself, buying or selling or standing pat, whatever works. I take what I feel I can take whenever I wish, but work at rebuilding the amount in there. For example, I am up about 9% YTD, but have taken maybe $3,000 since the start of the year. If I fail to rebuild effectively, we watch what we do for a bit, but this market has opportunities to make a buck. Finally, within an IRA, you pay ZERO capital gains taxes, and with our overall income we rarely pay much of anything in income taxes each year, either!

We spend a lot of time relaxing, enjoy hobbies, watching TV, enjoying the woods around us and the deer, sometimes visit our kids or grandkids, talk, do some church work, and otherwise pretty much goof off.

Mainly, we love getting up when we feel like it (usually), and doing WHAT we want WHEN we want or even IF we want!

Our idea of retirement!

See my poll for what we all do in retirement. I am curious about others.

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