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Eldest had 4 wisdom teeth removed this morning, two of which were growing sideways, and pushing his teeth out of alignment. Prior to this, he had not even had a filling drilled in even one tooth...this was his first experience with dental work other than routine cleanings and molar coating.

He's done really well. It took us a while to realize how we needed to deal with the bleeding, and it was amusing to watch him deal with the unusual feeling of Novocain, (though I did manage not to laugh,) but he is dealing with this invasive procedure and the resulting discomfort without whining. The technology of his I-touch came in very handy in the recovery room, where we "chatted" via his typing.

We had Christmas dinner last night, since I don't know when he'll feel up to solid food again. Home made pea soup is on the menu for him tonight. They say that it is best to pull the wisdom teeth sooner rather than later, since as adults the roots of the teeth are more formed and recovery is longer. It's nice that he never had the paid that led him to the dentist for the diagnosis of removal, as I did in my mid 20's. So far, so good. I'll definitely consider this procedure proactively for Youngest as well.

I couldn't help but notice that the doctor's office was slammed today. It seems that winter break is second only to summer in pulling wisdom teeth. Kids are on break from high school and college, and are flooding the office.

so glad recovery is well under way
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Wow, that has changed from when I had my five wisdom teeth removed about 40 years or so ago. It shouldn't take long for things to heal. A few days, at most. Keep swishing the warm salt water around in the mouth. It really helps.

Both boys ended up chewing on there cheeks the first time they had Novocain. They figured out why I told them not to after it wore off<sigh>.

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5 wisdom teeth! Wow, I've never heard of that.

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