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OK, I give up. Anybody have any clue as to why this stock has been rising so dramatically in this market?

It could be simply that, after a long run of the "nifty fifty/Dow Stocks", the small caps are having their turn in the limelight. OR... could it be that somebody new, ie a big brokerage company, is either touting the stock, or about to tout the stock? Another someone accumulating shares, possibly with the intent to buy the company? OR my favorite...DCO is about to make another acquisition, and "insiders" are buying...What's your view?
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I don't have any further insite into why it continues to perform counter to the market.

I would naively say that it is because of the obvious stuff: net sales increase (36%), good backlog of work for solid customers (Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Grumman, Northrop, Space Shuttle, etc), good management (sales expense decrease). People look at the record and like it.
You pointed out a while back that the company record was lackluster until the new mgt appeared on the scene in 93 or 94. Since then it has been all up from lower left to upper right on the chart. Momentum buying may be part of the formula for DCO's success.

International Business Daily always shows the DCO line in boldface with good numbers.

If there is some inside stuff that keeps the trend going, I don't see it.

From the post's on this folder at least you and I are happy with the performance even if we can't analyze if further.
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