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Not sure if I should post this to the sharebuilder forum or here...though there's more traffic here...

My situation is that I've been making regular monthly purchases into Sharebuilder for my ROTH IRA (and I only have a ROTH IRA account with them.) I have made $2500 in contributions so far this year.

But, then recently I decided to exercise my employee stock options to knock my credit card debt down by $20k....

However, this will likely put my AGI for the year at close to $105,000.

So this likely means I either need to remove or recharacterize my excess contributions....right?

Anybody know how to go about doing this with Sharebuilder?

The Dreamer

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I would give Sharebuilder a call to varify that they will do the switch for you and the rules and mechanics involved. I think that the "Tax Guide For Investors" from Fairmark and the article on recharacterization might give you a little more information:

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