No. of Recommendations: 1
Republican Recipe to Lose:

1. Threaten to cut Medicare and Social Security
2. Threaten abortion rights
3. Threaten to deport illegal immigrants
4. Threaten gay rights
5. Threaten affirmative action
6. Threaten union rights
7. Threaten food stamp and unemployment benefits
8. Threaten "pre-existing condition" insurance coverage
9. Threaten the possibility of another Middle East War
10. Protect "the rich" from tax increases


Democrat Recipe to Win:

1. Promise to keep Medicare and Social Security the same
2. Promise free contraceptives and access to abortion
3. Provide illegal immigrants (or at least their children) amnesty
4. Promote gay rights
5. Promote affirmative action
6. Promote unions
7. Promote food stamp and unemployment benefits
8. Protect "pre-existing condition" and guaranteed issue insurance coverage
9. Promise to limit wars (except "drone" wars)
10. Promise to tax "the rich" more


The Republicans have been buying the wrong Cookbook. Is it any wonder that politicians are more successful making promises than making threats? Promises beat threats every time.


Historical political Cookbook recipes

44 BC: Bread and Circuses
1598: A chicken in every pot (Henry IV coronation speech)
1832: Bank reform - and land lotteries (Andrew Jackson)
1904: Square deal (T. Roosevelt)
1936: New Deal (F. Roosevelt)
1964: Great Society (Johnson)
1986: Immigrant Amnesty (Reagan)
2000: Tax cuts (G.W. Bush)
2012: All of the above - and gay marriage, too (Obama)


The world of politics is a B.F. Skinner Box with rats pressing levers for goodies.

The Democrats were giving the rats free food and Republicans were threatening the rats an electric shock.

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No. of Recommendations: 2
To the Republican recipe, add:

11. Calling women who disagree with you "sluts"
12. Talk about whether rape is "legitimate" and its result as "an act of God"
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