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Due to Your recommendation in May, I bought shares from Tempur-Pedic. Now in June the stock lost 40 % on one day, I had no chance to "bail out". I hoped, that is it and the stock will recover. But it did not and went down further. What do You recommend now to do? Wait for a turn-around, since You had good reasons for the recommendations in May?
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Hope you didn't put all your eggs in that one basket. This just shows why it's good to be diversified.

Did you catch the recent article by Dan Caplinger?
Is Tempur-Pedic the Perfect Stock?

All that debt makes me a little nervous. He goes on to say, though,
"Where Tempur-Pedic will go from here depends on its business performance. As Fool analyst Anand Chokkavelu notes, if management is just being conservative in its forecasts, then the stock could easily soar once those results come out. But if there's a real problem, then it could be a while before Tempur-Pedic starts to improve toward perfection. As for me, I'm voting for the bullish value case by making a positive CAPScall on Tempur-Pedic."

I've not looked into it myself, but you maybe should dig into some of the filings to see what all that debt is about and how they're handling it. Especially keep an eye for the next earnings call.

Check out this site;
You'll see some articles about a lawsuit(that can be bad and/or good) and one about how buyers are accumulating shares now.

Anand may have more to say. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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It's been a rough go since May. I do think I underestimated the competition coming into the foam mattress space. However, I do like the company and am continuing to hold onto my shares. I may consider buying more if shares fall further.

Fool on,
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