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...Unfortunately, the American Red Cross has gone beyond the simple, unifying principle of universal aid and has issued a statement that radically—and unnecessarily—redefines marriage and family.

...He listed “sexual orientation” among common civil rights categories, then wrote: “Families come in many forms. Rather than adhering to a strict definition of family composition, we are using a broad and inclusive definition of family.” Mr. Clizbe went on to “recognize” “committed relationships and domestic partnerships of many couples who are living together.”

...Let no one misinterpret us: CWA supports disaster aid to any in need, including people who engage in homosexual behavior or other proclivities. We take issue with the Red Cross's October 11 statement, not their aid policy. By contrast, the Salvation Army has always assisted people in need, regardless of their behavioral choices. And they have done it without wading into sexual politics.

...When Americans give their hard-earned dollars to the Red Cross, they expect them to be passed on to the needy. They don't expect their generosity to be used for partisan advantage to help overturn the moral order regarding marriage, family and human sexuality.

...Let's get back to helping all of the people who need it, period.
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