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In making his case for re-election in the face of historically high unemployment and sluggish growth, President Obama has a simple and straightforward argument.

Things were terrible when I arrived, he says, thanks to Bush-era policies of tax cuts and deregulation. We stopped the decline, but the ditch was so deep that it will take time to get out. Still, we are making progress, even if it isn't as fast as everyone would like.

So the last thing we want to do is return to the failed Bush policies that, he says, drove us into the ditch.

That argument appears to be working. More people continue to blame Bush than Obama for the current poor state of affairs, and some surveys show that consumer confidence has recently increased.

But each part of Obama's argument is based on claims that are not accurate:

• Bush tax cuts and deregulation caused the recession.

<they didn't>

• I stopped a second Great Depression.

<you did nothing of the sort, loser>

• My policies are working.

<no they aren't, moron>

• A slow recovery was inevitable.

<no it wasn't jackass>

• Nobody could have done any better.

<Mr. Obama, i'd like to introduce you to my friend, Bullet-Riddled Chimp>
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I hate to say it, but if ObamaOne is re-elected, then America probably deserves what it will have coming. The people the get the government they think they want. If the people can't think straight, then they get crap for government.
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