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After seeing "Who Killed the Electric Car" and "An Inconvenient Truth", I'm more convinced than ever that we need to invest in alternative fuel/renewable energy companies.

So, any recommendations? Any companies doing exciting things regarding the development of electric cars?

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If you are interested in investing in electric cars, then I think you will have a problem finding any pure play companies for this product.

One of the more exciting cars on the drawing board right now is the GM "Volt" which was featured at this year's auto show as a concept car. The Volt is a plug-in hybrid, which means for the vast majority of daily commuters, it is essentially an electric car. Of course it remains to be seen when and if GM will make this a production car as oppossed to merely a concept car.

And for investors interested in electric cars, the investment choices are basically limited to the existing automotive manufacturers (GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc...) the components manufacturers (Delphi, Visteon, etc...) and he battery manufacturers. Of course, none of these are pure play environmental car companies - which turns off most SRI investors.

It is easier to find some pure plays in the area of alternative fuels and renewable energy, but these sectors are also dominated by large engineering and energy conglomerates (General Electric, Shell, etc...) and their smaller pure play rivals are not necessarily going to be the most competive in thier market niches.

If you look back through earlier posts on this board, you can find some alt energy / green tech index funds which may be a more suitable investment vehicle for you.

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nothing as media friendly as electric cars, but Composite Technology in Irvine CA just received a big chunk of my speculative money. [ CPTC ]

They have two main product lines:

1. a unique wind turbine that can be tied directly into the power grid, without external transformers.

2. a new type of transmission cable meant to replace the existing "high tension lines" you see criss-crossing out country. Instead of a steel core w/ aluminum conductors wrapped around the core, their cable uses a composite core instead of steel. This allows a cable the same size to carry twice the current as the steel core cable.


PDF presentation to investors:

although I typically avoid anything resembling "penny stocks", this company does have a $300M market cap. and most "penny stocks" haven't recently received two "Strong Buys" and two "Buy" recommendations from Wall St. analysts.
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