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I think GG should launch a global ‘09 philanthropy effort where our international community make a pitch for a local charity, a lá PlayPumps. The winning charity is selected via Poll, after which a small donation is requested from the members. Five bucks wouldn’t hurt anyone here.

A recent Foolanthropy effort was concerned with financial education in the US, which is undoubtedly an important issue, but one that many members can not empathise with. As a European, I would sooner assign my limited resourced to organisations closer to my heart.

If such a drive, or something similar, is launched by Global Gains, I’ll pledge one quarter’s remuneration from The Fool (minus tax) to the selected charity.

In times such as these, people who already on the margins of society are further isolated as charity funding dries up. Let’s get together and pull in the right direction for the greater good.


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Wonderful idea, Emmet!
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