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There is a substance (Anolyte), which is up to 300 times more powerfull on bacteria than bleach, costs a third the amount to produce and is entirely "green" and harmless to people and animals. The right time and the right place, anyone?

The company that just became the core OEM of the machines producing this revolutionary substance is IET (Integrated Environmental Technologies, with the ticker symbol IEVM)out of South Carolina. They have spent the last five or so years partnering up with the FDA, Universities and various other private testing facilities to document the validity of the product.

They began sales of their EcoFlo machines just last quarter and now are ramping up production to meet their order demand. This is a company that is going to assist in changing the way we do much of what we do.

IET is licensed with it's patents to assemble, manufacture and sell the equipment that produces the two basic types of ECA solutions:

ANOLYTES are strong oxidizing solutions that are used as germicidal agents to kill microorganisms including viruses, fungi, spores, mold, mildew and bacteria.
CATHOLYTES are anti-oxidant, mild alkaline solutions that can be sued as detergents and degreasers.
Both are:
-Powerful Biocides
-Fast Acting
-Can be used during all stages of disinfecting and cleaning
-Environmentally Friendly
-Non Toxic to Humans and Animals
-Do not require special handling
-Can be safely disposed of in sewage systems
-Yield no synthetic chemical residues
-Can be genarated on-site, elimanationg the handling and storage of chemicals
-Can be produced from tap water and a very dilute brine solution

The cost of a gallon of Anolyte is about a third the cost of gallon of bleach and has none of its harmful effects

The implications are enormous! Think about the industries this is going to change over the next few years. Meat Processing, Medical, Cleaning, Potable Water, etc.
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AQ: Just curious, but do you have any connection to the company (or a brokerage handling its IPO)? This post reads like a press release....

"The right time and the right place, anyone?"
"this revolutionary substance"
"This is a company that is going to assist in changing the way we do much of what we do."
"The implications are enormous!"

The capabilities sound impressive, but the hyperbole is a bit excessive, IMO.

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