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My wife was physically present in the United States for all of 2010. She entered on a tourist visa in January; re-entered on fiance visa in June; we were married in July; her conditional permanent residency was granted in November.

January through September she was on maternity leave and received income from her Canadian employer. She had no income Oct-Dec, and did not work in the U.S. She paid Canadian taxes on the income.

I'm a U.S. citizen and live and work in the U.S. Aside from marrying a Canadian with foreign income for 2010, my tax return is straightforward and unremarkable.

We're planning on filing "married, filing jointly" unless there is a reason not to.


How am I supposed to handle her foreign income? I assume I supposed to include it on our U.S. return, but how?

Everything I've read seems to be aimed at citizens and permanent residents living and working abroad, permanent residents and alien residents working in the U.S., or people who lived and worked part of the year in one country and the rest in the U.S. None of these seem to apply to our situation.

Thanks in advance.

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