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Would love to have a retirement seminar...Would urge you however,to keep it simple....Don't try to cover all avenues of retirement...Of great importance to me and I suspect others is:a.providing supplimental income b.managing a diversified portfoio of stocks and bonds c.keeping ahead of inflation.d.not running out of money...

The question becomes??????How does one best deal with the above mentioned issues....

Randy P
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I am in the midst of the Rule Breaker on line seminar and it has been very helpfull.

Maybe we could get "The Fool" to organize a similar for the retired.

Another thing that should be done for those younger people who think retirement is too far away to think about, is put together a retirement seminar on planning for early retirement. I know that when I finally woke up and started thinking seriously about retirement, I had a difficult time finding the information I needed to make good decisions. I also found out very quickly that you should start thinking about retirement planning very early in your career, and not wait until your 45-50 to start thinking about it.

I retired at 53 on Dec 31, 1999. I started getting serious about the subject in 1989, and had I started earlier, I could have retired either early still, or with much more money.

This I realize would not apply to most on this board, but some of us could add value to the young by sharing our experiences.

Just a thought.
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