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I don't honestly think this was the intent behind ACA - I don't think that Obama was that devious or that his team was intelligent enough to actually do this - but in I were to put on a tin hat for a moment, I would have to wonder if perhaps someone within Team Obama might have learned from the reps and their so-called desire to starve the beast as it pertains to the government... the problems with ACA could have been intentional to create a scenario where more employers drop insurnace coverage, forcing more people onto government subsidized healthcare - creating a domino effect where once we have well over 50% of the population receiving significant federal subsidies for, what appears will be expensive insurance, they will cry for more subsidies to cover the cost, eventually resulting a full change to single-payer.

Genius if that was the intent. Dumb luck if not - but I would bet money that is where we will be in 10-20 years. The only challenge keeping this from happening is the fact that a huge part of our GDP and employment is generated from the private insurance industry (over 4% of GDP and roughly 400,000+ people). No easy way to wind down that in any economy.
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