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So, the Oracle resurrected Smith because she knew he would infect everyone in the Matrix causing the machines to be willing to stop the war against Zion in exchange for Neo's help to stop the virus. Problem is, the only way they killed the Neo-infected Smith was by "unplugging" him. Or something. But Neo had the magic code which was the Trojan horse which allowed the Machines to stop Smith because otherwise, they would not have been able to stop the Smith virus. Unfortunately, they had to kill Neo in the process. oh, and i'm sure they had to kill all the humans connected to the Matrix too. ahem. after all the cheering in Zion, Morpheous and team will say, "yay, we saved Zion. um, but everyone else in the Matrix is now dead." whoops!

But isn't that similar to what the Architect said haid to happen? Either way, you lose. Save Zion and kill everyone in the Matrix or lose everyone in the Matrix but save Zion. The only thing was that the Architect had planned on still being in control. Oracle's wrench now means that the Architect had to concede control of Zion and "learn to play nice." And instead of 24 men & women to re-start Zion, we have hundreds. But the concept is the same.

Maybe some people will now want to re-enter the kinder, gentler, "re-loaded" Zion? For surely, maybe the 7th time got it right. Isn't there something spiritual about the #7. The final ascension to Nirvana/Heaven?

Either way, there certainly is still a crop of un-infected human babies who will be harvested and loaded into the Matrix in the coming months and as those folks grow, they will have the option to live in or out of the Matrix. Let's face it, the council leader foreshadowed the fact that humans need machines and vice versa. Even though the machines can survive on a smaller amount of energy (think of the huge crops that were lost), the machines will be hurting. They will need help from the Zionists. Zion can't physically save all the crops of babies. They will require the machines to keep plugging them into the Matrix, then when they are old enough to make their own choices, they will be given the choice of in or out. But the very fact that they will have that choice will mean that the Matrix 7.0 will be a place that they don't need to escape from - hence, the shining sunrise at the end of the movie. A new era. New challenges. (new TV series to a-la Starscape and SG1?, cartoon series?)

How do I know everyone in the Matrix died? Look closely and you will see that the streets were lined w/ Smiths. As Smith and Neo fought through the air, you see the skyscrapers filled with Smiths looking out the windows. Then, after Smith(s) died, who was left? Only the programs. The girl. The Oracle. (Merv! - see what did I say about sequels?) The street was lined with Smiths. All gone. All unplugged....only the little girl left. This will also underscore the massive power failure the machines will face. And it will certainly affect Morpheous' relationship to the Oracle. She made the sacrifice. Sacrifice? She gave up the entire human population in the Matrix. She didn't give up herself. At the end of the day, did she have the heart we assumed she would have? or was she just a manipulator? I think we know. What new role will she have now? If She was the balance to the Architect, and if the Architect's control is now thwarted, what use does she have now?

Is the Architect the same "face" that we saw at the end of the movie controlling the machines? Or...?

Ok, about the only negative I saw was that they didn't lock down the Smith-infected zionist. I guess we've all just seen too much Aliens type movies or Star Trek. Look, you think the guy could be a bad guy. Cuff the dude. oh well.

Oh, and Neo's second sight? He can "see" magnetic forces. I'll just leave it at that, suspend disbelief and not let it ruin anything for me.

The dock fight scene kicked ass. The "yay zion is free sequence was a little weak," but whatever.

Everything else was pretty cool.

Um, oh yeah, and Persephone rocked! wooo-hooo!

But beautiful breasts aside, Trinity continues to impress me. Last time, it was, "taste this!" This time it was, "I've got a better idea! <serious butt kicking ensues>"

A 3 out of 10? Hardly.

Worth my $9.50? Every penny!
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