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Apparently, it is too much to expect some people to understand how someone could have voted for Reagon and supported the current administration in their efforts two years ago, but has now not only declared his candidacy, but is suggesting that there needs to be a countrywide discussion of the issues and how to deal with them going forward--not in the context of centering on "blame," but looking at where we are now, and considering options for going forward to be actually shared honestly with the American voters.

It's seems it is impossible for some people to make the incredible leap of logic that someone may have supported this administration initially, but after having seen the last two years of behavior (both domestic and international handling of affairs) that they either support someone else to take over the job or feel like they themselves could do a better job at it. Conditions currently are such that General Clark truly believes that there are better ways to handle all the responsibilities of this job.

Can they not critize his ideas without impugning his integrity?

How many voters, I wonder, feel that even they could do a better job? I've heard of ridiculous arguements, but seriously, this one truly is astounding.

This is a good editorial piece from the LA Times.

<<<< In his newsletter last week, Washington's highly respected political handicapper Charlie Cook correctly noted that "for the White House, it is particularly important that Clark's credibility be impeached as soon as possible." The White House and its media allies clearly agree.>>>>,1,7865792.story?coll=la-home2-utilities
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I don't think anyone is impugning his integrity... not that I've heard (and I heard Dean's interview on NPR Monday where he stated these questions about Clark).

The issue is this and is legitimate: if Clark is really a Republican in Democratic clothing, why do we (as Democrats) want to elect him. Dean quoted Harry Truman: If you run two Republicans against each other, you end up electing a Republican.

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<<<<The issue is this and is legitimate: if Clark is really a Republican in Democratic clothing, why do we (as Democrats) want to elect him. Dean quoted Harry Truman: If you run two Republicans against each other, you end up electing a Republican.>>>>

Hi Paul,

I've heard General Clark speak a couple of times, and in one of the debates, he said he was a Democrat. I believe him. I believe him, because he talked about the issues that he felt were extremely important to most people today--at least I hope they are important to most people that vote today. They certainly are to me.

I have been a democrat for years. In fact, I have never voted Republican, yet. So, I could quote Harry Truman on that too. He once said, "I've done some terrible things in my life, God forgive me, but I've never voted Republican.".....So he and I have much in common. Besides that, though, one of the reasons I am a Democrat is that among the things that Democrats believe is that everyone is welcome. They are not the party of exclusion, and there are many points/issues that democrats will differ on, but that's okay. No one is expected to not have strong opinions about things important to them. I'm comfortable being a Democrat, and I welcome General Clark as a Democrat based on his opinions, beliefs, and character. I don't care if he voted Republican in the past. I don't care if he even likes some Republicans. That's okay. They are people too, you know--at least I think so in the case of one or two of them....:-) What's important is what he thinks and wants to do now. He's putting together a written strategy on the issues of importance to him and us, and I hope you will read it and decide on the basis of those that he's going to be not only a good Democrat, but a great one. Hopefully for history. Thanks for your comments....:-) mary

PS. I think Governor Dean is great, but I'm not sure that I agree with him on everything. I'm not happy that he went against Gebhart and Kerry in their attempts to keep the Medicare program intact against Gingrich's machinations.

Oh, one other point. The link to the article I posted was actually about how the Republican machine--especially the reelection media machine is rolling on trying to discredit and undermine General Clark's credibility early and often. I wasn't thinking about Democrats doing that, but now that you mention it, I've read some posts here on TMF of people who appear to be Democrats, but they seem to me to be in the mode of thinking they have to tear General Clark down as a way to build another candidate up. I don't really agree with that, and was surprised to see it. I'm all for ripping the Republicans when they deserve it, but I'm not very keen on the tack of questioning people credentials to hold an opinion that isn't shared by another. It's downright not Democratic.....:-)
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I really don't care which party Clark has joined. He is talking about issues I don't hear from anyone else. Clark is talking about the need to maintain the seperation of church and state. Clark is talking about how the Patriot Act threatens the bill of rights. Clark is talking about the rule of law.

This is the oath an Army officer swears to:

I (insert name), having been appointed a (insert rank) in the U.S. Army under the conditions indicated in this document, do accept such appointment and do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God

He swore to protect the constitution, and my sense is he entered the race because he sees the greatest threat to the constitution since the Nixon administration.

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