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Right Wing and Debt Ceiling Extortion
July 31, 2011
By Silence Dogood
With the debt ceiling crisis coming to a head, it should come as no surprise that Republicans have gone on the defensive. Unlike natural disasters, this crisis is self-imposed. To varying degrees, both the Democrats and Republicans have contributed to our national deficit. But only one of these two parties have thrust our deficit to such record breaking levels, that party is controlling the dialogue, and is creating this crisis to pursue their own agenda.

To get to the crux of this issue, we first must deconstruct popular Republican and Tea Partier’s myths.
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Couple of highlights from your link:

The Tea Party makes the claim that they were established “to counter the runaway spending of our national government.” But the first Tea Party Protest Rally is recorded on February 10, 2009 in Fort Meyers, Florida. It must be noted that the Tea Party did not protest TARP back in October of 2008 or the Auto Bailout in December of 2008. Their protests began after President Obama entered the White House, not before. And if it is true that the Tea Party’s complaint was about “runaway spending”, how does Tea Party members calling Obama an illegitimate president and demanding to see his birth certificate relate to governmental spending? And if these protests were truly about the deficit, why do they refuse to acknowledge the burden of debt laid upon us by the previous administration.


If the Republicans and Tea Partier’s ran on a platform of jobs, then where are all the jobs bills? The Republicans blocked bills that would tax companies who ships jobs overseas, The Small Jobs Act, and have produced no jobs creation bills. Much like the Republican beliefs as to why we waged war against Iraq, the evidence does not support their argument. Instead of being honest, they have altered the discussion to direct our attention away from their failed arguments. They altered their claim to say Republicans and Tea Partiers ran on a platform against runaway spending.

Their deceit is not on the American populace so much as it is on themselves. These people actually believe their own lies over their so-called mandate. This is where they are sensing their self-righteousness in threatening our economy. They have convinced themselves they are right despite any evidence pointing to the contrary. This is how they justify to themselves that raising the debt ceiling is a “blank check” for new spending, that lower taxes will create job growth, and that we do not have a revenue problem.
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And I betcha they have middle class jobs and health insurance so obviously they don't care about those folks doing without fundamental health care
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