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So, BF3's vehicle-heavy expansion called "Armored Kill" is coming out next month ( Here now I will give you all of my tank-playing secrets in the hopes that some of you will join me on the PC for some heavy metal kickassery when the expansion comes out. There's going to be a new game mode where tank TEAMWORK is required to win. Awesomeness!

I think that I am much better in tanks than I am on foot because tanks let me manage my health better. I am not twitchy enough to be a great infantry man. Anyways, these are my three (solo) rules for Battlefield 3 tank superiority...

RULE #0: Always be engineer with repair tool and squad flak.

RULE #1: Never, ever let the enemy steal your tank. You must either go down with the ship or blow it up as soon as you escape from it. No exceptions.

RULE #2: Always either be repairing your tank or moving it.

Rule #2 is complex. It is situational. For me, I base it on constant awareness of my damage rate... so (A) if I realize that I have enough opportunities to hop out for quick repairs in between my main cannon blasts, then I will prioritize repairing first. Call this "continuous repairing". No urgency. If my opponent isn't also repairing or if he is just an RPG infantryman or two then I will win eventually, without risking myself being drawn closer at less than my optimal tank health. OR, (B) if I realize that said repairs are too risky or too slow-going then I will prioritize movement first, but not to run away, rather to buy some time to repair (see below). Call this "opportunistic repairing". Make them come to you. I flip-flop between these two priorities constantly, based on the situation, but it's always with the goal of maximizing total repairing, never a goal of maximizing total damage dealt. IMO, this downside protection is the only way to do reliably well as a solo tank driver. I do take many more chances when I have squaddies around, but this is my foundation...

When REPAIRING is the priority (aka: continuous repairing), obey RULE #1 by not dying:
A1. shielded repair - when being attacked from a single direction, use your tank as a shield while repairing it
A2. chinese fire drill repair - when attacker location is unknown but far, encircle your tank while repairing it
A3. quick hitter - to buy a few more seconds of tank life, hop out, repair, and hop back in before enemies can target your person
A4. smokescreened repair - when aircraft are buzzing you or when chaos is about, pop smoke and repair for as long as you feel lucky

When MOVEMENT is the priority (aka: opportunistic repairing):
B1. stick and move - if you waited until damage has reduced your tank's top speed, then you didn't move soon enough
B2. drive backwards - long-distance backwards driving with turns creates so many offensive surprises
B3. hug a wall - moving a little can buy you lots of repair time if it forces your opponent to move a lot to get a clean shot again

General tips:
C1. Whenever you go deep beyond the nearest hostile objectives, you should prioritize movement.
C2. Flag-taking may not allow either repairs or movement. So take one for the team.
C3. Use smoke whenever you are locked on. Rinse and repeat. Lased attacks are a top killer of tanks.
C4. Switch to the F2 seat for more kills, especially when sneaking around the map.
C5. Your eject button ejects you in the direction that your seat is facing. Eject wisely.
C6. No sniping with your tank or I will de-friend you. Bleh.

And this just covers the solo fun. Tank teamwork is a whole 'nother dimension that I hope Fools will help me to explore in the coming weeks.

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