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Please help my fiancee has 45K in a 401K from her last employer, she currently isnt working and may well end up living abroad for a while. I am a brit struggling to learn your system.

From what I have read it would seem wise to move this money into a rollover IRA .
Is this correct ?
How do I go about it in the best way?
Maybe this is stupid , why can I not leave it where it is ? and change it to equities or similar.
She also doesnt have any type of roth should she also be putting money in one of them also, if so which one?

Sorry for all the questions ,any answers greatly appreciated.

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The money can be left where it is, in the plan run by your fianceee's former employer. Probably there are fewer choices available through that plan than would be available in an IRA at a discount brokerage. If either of you is into stock picking, the account would likely grow better in a self-administered IRA. You can also have the IRA at a mutual fund company, Vanguard being a very good choice, and invest in index funds. Over time these are likely to do well.
If you fiancee has over $2000 in earned income for 2000 from her former job, but not so much as to be ineligible for a Roth, to put $2000 into a Roth is also a good idea. A Roth is a type of account, not an investment; it can be with any suitable custodian, which includes mutual fund companies, brokers, and banks. Usually a bank is the worst choice of the three types. Best wishes, Chris
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