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Ford CEO: Luxury market has room for Lincoln

Ford execs say Lincoln cars appeal to people who want to treat themselves, not show off

"There's a whole market that's not served," Ford CEO Alan Mulally told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "I was just driving a $98,000 (competitor's) car yesterday. A $98,000 car. Well, we're not going after them."

Lincoln is in the midst of a revamp that will see four new models over the next four years. The first, the MKZ midsize sedan, arrived in showrooms in December. It starts at just under $36,000 — a little less than its closest competitor, the Lexus ES — but offers some premium features the Lexus doesn't, like a panoramic glass roof.

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LOL...forget Lincolns - I feel like if I buy the Explorer I want (test drove couple months ago) I'd be really treating myself....and racking up some huge sales & excise tax bills. I'm not saying there isn't value for the price or bang for buck BUT that they start any conversation with the starting price vs the vehicle configred where it it likely to be configured makes quick comparisons or price silly.

So wrt the article I'll bet the $98K car Mullaly was driving was VERY well appointed and (betting) that no one orders or wants to get stuck with an MKZ that leaves the lot with it's "just under $36,999" base configuration - probably a lot closer to $58K like the MKS I just checked out last week.
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(investor and lifelong FoMoCo customer)
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Makes me wonder if my evaluation of Mulally as great management is off base...ah well, the div increase will numb the minor sting.
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