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ros:""I don't contest everything you say, but we can't lay all of our woe on progressives. Debt from unfunded wars under Bush will be on all our shoulders for decades, and don't kid yourself, our war industry, darling of the right, does not give a darn whether the war or weapon system is justified."

The debt 'bomb' was created by the progressives and all the entitlement programs. That goes back mostly to FDR. (D). It was compounded horrendously by LBJ and his great Society and Medicare which is a turkey of stupendous dimensions.

the 'everyone' is 'entitled' mentality of the libs has bankrupted the country.

Don't blame Bush alone. All the top dems were right there...Pelosi: Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Clinton: Saddam has weapons of mass destruction..and on and on..the whole gaggle of dems....urging war.

Meanwhile, Obama blew a half billion in Libya for nothing and sloshes out hundreds of billions in 'aid' to tyrants around the world.

We're less safe with Obama in the White House.

The defense industry always profits from conflict. Reagan (R) ended the cold war. Clinton could have easily taken out the terrorists but didn't.....(bin Laden).....he let things fester till it required intervention.

And the bleeding heart libs ended the war in Iraq so we had to go back and do it right the second time. too many bleeding heart libs.

You libs keep telling us how the 'government' invented all sorts of cool stuff like computers, transistors, integrated circuits, software, microwave ovens and the like....... duh...then they complain about the 'defense' industry that actually 'built' most of those industries by inventing and developing the products for the , gulp, defense market.

YOu guys can't have it both ways.


Ros:" They just want to sell product."

So does Apple and MSFt and Nike.......that's why they are in business. Jet planes, satellites, shoes, computers,iPads....


ros: Tax cuts and loopholes that enable the "rich don't pay taxes" phenomenon that you cite, gigantic bailouts for banks that we are paying for while they now reap huge profits thanks to our largess. "

You'll remember that half the financial institutions disappeared and stockholders wiped out in many of them.

Gigantic bailouts mostly caused by government policies..starting with the Community Revedelopment Act (CRA) under Jimmy Carter (D) and expanded. Banks forced to issue crap loans under pressure from agitators like community organizer Baracki Obama who 'occupied' bank lobbies. Loans made to people who the libs felt 'needed to own a home' to be 'part of the American dream', but couldn't afford it and it turned out to be the libs worst nightmare. More damage was done to the networth of lower income folks by the 'everyone needs to buy a home ' progressive libs than any single other thing in history.

Face it - it was progressive policies that cause the bank failure. Not a single person at Fannie and Freddie went to jail for their crimes. Not a one All protected by Obama and his drones.


ros:"The thousands of paid lobbyists in Washington are there to ensure that our laws are designed to enrich the already rich, and they are doing a fine job."

Yes, the farmers are there. The SEIU and other unions are there. We got over 10,000 lobbyists trying to insert loopholes and sweetheart deals....and a congress that feeds off them.

So, did you pick your congressman carefully, or just vote for the "D" character regardless? Did you even consider a Tea Party candidate who would chop government, thus the influence of lobbyists? Who would defund the wasteful pork laden programs? I bet not.

You VOTED For 'the same congress folks as usual' and you expected a different result?



ros:" That's why we still subsidize with your tax dollars the richest industry on earth: petroleum."

Well, it's really 'oil' since petroleum is a refinery product, just like Corn Flakes is a product made from corn.

And...they get the same 'subsidies' as any other 'mining' industry where you 'deplete' your assets as you remove them. They get the same 'subsidies' as any large company setting up manufacturing operations.

I assume you use no gas or diesel in your life. Nothing delivered to your place of residence and you don't own a car or use gas. Never fly or take a train. Why?

Because...well,if you do, you'll just pay any additional price the companies incur if you remove the standard 'tax deductions' they have. Companies simply pass on higher costs. You pay it.


ros: I live in East Hampton, NY where the main industry is serving the whims of second, third and fourth home occupants... 10 or 20,000 square feet of Versailles like luxury by the sea that may be inhabited only a couple months or less each year. " can afford to live there! Great. But it sounds like you really have a bad case of wealth envy! So what? If folks can afford a second home, what should it matter to you?

My parents had a second summer home. They built it from the ground up. It was 600 sq feet, cinder block. One story with a 1/2 loft where I slept as a kid. 2 small bedrooms a living room, and 'running water' where one kid would grab a bucket and run to neighbors well for a bucket of water. So you'd have wealth envy over that too, I assume?


ros:"When you are in the middle every day, between that, and the thousands who struggle to keep a roof overhead and food on the table with no healthcare for their children, for goodness sake, ya gotta ask yourself if something isn't out of whack in our society."

Why? Any of those struggling could wind up owning a home there. Say another Mark Zuckerberg. Or a Steve Jobs who built the first computer in a garage in a small home.

You really have a bad case of 'wealth' envy.

I live in Dallas...there are multi-million dollar mansions here. I don't own one. Do I have 'wealth envy' over them? No, I just enjoy my much smaller house.

I'd bet there aren't kids dying on the corner. Yes, making ends meet is a challenge for many..including those owning homes in the Hamptons...


ros:"I'm not talking about welfare moms or drug addicts; I'm talking about people who work 50 60 hours a week and are still poor."

You can blame Obama and his ObamaNomics for a lot of it.

Even more so recently with his 28 hour work week that denies full time employment to many lower income folks due to ObamaKare rules. And part time work always pays less than full time.

There are always going to be 'lower income folks'.


ros:"As for the rant about taxes, in United States our combined tax revenues as a percentage of GDP is third from the lowest(at 24 %) of 34 top industrial countries(2009 figures) That is surely related to our similarly low achievement in comparative healthcare, education, and infrastructure markers. We are here talking about investments, and our country has stopped investing in itself. "

You talking local, state, sales, fed taxes combined? I doubt it....

Education ? Folks come here from around the world to attend our universities. Have you heard kids here screaming to go to Britain or France or Germany to attend college there? Or Japan or China or India ? gimme a break.

And it is the progressive libs 'everyone deserves a trophy' mentality that is killing grade school education.

Infra structure...? Try driving in China or India or half the roads in Britain.......Germany has 15% of bridges deemed unsafe and no money to fix them. Italy? Massive traffic jams day and night.

The US is still the best place in the world to advance yourself. to start a company. To succeed. To be able to do the job YOU want to do, not the one assigned 'by the government'. Where you can do most things without having been 'born' into a guild that controls every industry in europe. You really don't know how good you have it.

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