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Hey everyone,

I am a recent accounting graduate. I am fairly new to investing. I have been doing research on some stocks and learning what I can. I want to start investing in individual stocks, but want to pay off some debt first. I am interested in starting a Roth IRA. I am starting my career at a public accounting firm where I will have 401k but wanted to have a ROTH as well. Could you guys give me any recommendations for a Roth IRA? Do all Roth IRAs have to involve stocks? I only ask because I did want to do my own investing when debt is paid off. What is the best place to get a roth? Im assuming banks and credit unions are not the best ideas.
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You may open a Roth IRA at any custodian you choose. If you want to invest in stocks, a discount broker is the usual choice. I use Fidelity, but there are lots to choose from. Scottrade. etrade. TD Ameritrade. Check out the Discount Brokers board for the most recent details.

Pick the one 1) with the lowest fees for the services you plan to use and 2) most convenient, best service, etc that fits your needs.

But you can also establish a Roth at a mutual fund company (where you can do stock mutual funds but also bond funds or other mutual fund investments). You will also find Roth accounts offered at banks, credit unions and sometimes financial services companies. But watch out for those who would put you into annuities. And the low interest rates offered by banks and credit unions may not be appealing.

That is the power of the IRA/Roth IRA. You are in charge. You can make your own choices according to your needs or investment goals.
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