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My husband and I are opening Roth IRA's. Our questions are: 1) Do we make each other as beneficiaries of each others Roth or 2) Do we make our trust the beneficiary of the our Roth IRAs? Is there a benefit/detriment either way?

By the way, is there another board that address just Roth IRA questions?

Thanks so much!!!

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You might find help at
which, among many other things, says this:

"Spouse: If a spouse is the beneficiary, joint life expectancy can be used regardless of the difference in the spouses' ages. Additionally, a deceased spouse's IRA may be rolled over into a surviving spouse's IRA -- the surviving spouse could then name his/her beneficiary, which would perhaps further extend the distribution period."

and this:

"Trust: IRA assets can be placed in a trust for named beneficiaries (trusts are frequently used for transfers to minors, grandchildren, or others who are not capable of managing assets). Trust beneficiaries generally qualify as designated beneficiaries of a retirement account if certain conditions are met."



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