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10am Floorpie             	- Tomlinson, LaDainian RB, SD
11am Shiny Turds (Trout)      	- Shaun Alexander RB, SEA
12pm Liquid Sunshine      	- Clintin Portis, RB, Washington
1pm  Chico's Bail Bonds   	- Edgerrin 'Edge' James, Arizona
2pm  Phase Locked Loops   	- Cadillac, TB
3pm  SunbeamS             	- Fitzgerald, Larry WR, Arizona Cardinals
4pm  The Goats of Doom   	- Manning, Peyton QB, Colts
5pm  77's Hit Squad      	- Randy Moss WR, Oakland
6pm  Springfield Atoms   	- Brian Westbrook RB, Philadelphia
7pm  Asskickers           	- Jamal Lewis, RB, Baltimore
8pm  Quahog Quamire       	- Smith, Steve WR, CAR      (KEEPER)
9pm  ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Chad Johnson, WR Bengals
10pm Killer Eeyores       	- Johnson, Rudi RB, CIN     (KEEPER)
11pm WonderPups           	- Terrell "Lance Armstrong" Owens, WR, DAL

10am Wonderpups 	  	- Reggie Bush, RB, Nawleans
11am Killer Eeyores 	  	- Torry Holt, Former GSOT
12pm ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Anquan Boldin, WR Cards
1pm  Quahog Quamire 	  	- Corey Dillon, RB, Pats
2pm  Asskickers  	  	- Marvin Harrison WR, Colts
3pm  Springfield Atoms 	  	- Chris Chambers WR Miami
4pm  77's Hit Squad 	  	- Dunn, Warrick RB, Atlanta Falcons
5pm  The Goats of Doom 	  	- Ward, Hines, WR, Steelers
6pm  SunbeamS 		  	- Donovan McNabb QB, Eagles
7pm  Phase Locked Loops   	- Kevin Jones, RB, Lions
8pm  Chico's Bail Bonds   	- Darrell "There was no pushoff!" Jackson, WR, Seahawks
9pm  Liquid Sunshine 	  	- Foster, DeShaun - RB Car
10pm Shiny Turds (Trout) 	- Ronnie Brown, RB Miami (KEEPER)
11pm Floorpie 		  	- Williams, Roy WR, Detroit Lions

10am Floorpie                	- Jackson, Steven RB, St. Louis Rams [KEEPER]
11am Shiny Turds (Trout)        - Burress, Plaxico WR, NY Giants
12pm Liquid Sunshine         	- Hasselbeck, Matt - QB Sea
1pm  Chico's Bail Bonds       	- McGahee, Willis RB, Buffalo Bills [KEEPER]
2pm  Phase Locked Loops       	- Brady, Tom "Jesus", QB, Pats
3pm  SunbeamS                 	- Houshmandzadah, WR, Bengals
4pm  The Goats of Doom        	- Walker, Javon, WR, Broncos
5pm  77's Hit Squad           	- McNair, Steve QB Ravens
6pm  Springfield Atoms        	- Ahman Green RB Green Bay
7pm  Asskissers               	- Davis, Domanick RB, Houston Texans [KEEPER]
8pm  Quahog Quamire           	- Benson,Cedric RB, Bears
9pm  ZipCode Clay Pigeons     	- Todd Heap, TE Baltimore
10pm Killer Eeyores          	- Derrick Mason, WR  Baltimore
11pm WonderPups              	- Johnson, Andre WR, Houston Texans [KEEPER]

10am Wonderpups 		- Joseph Addai, RB, Colts
11am Killer Eeyores 		- Tiki Barber, RB NYG Keeper
12pm ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Deuce McAllister, RB Saints
1pm  Quahog Quamire 		- Larry Maroney
2pm  Asskickers 		- Terry Glenn, Caddy to Terrell, Dallas
3pm  Springfield Atoms 		- Tony Gonzalez, TE Kansas City
4pm  77's Hit Squad 		- Witten, Jason TE- Dallas
5pm  The Goats of Doom 		- Dominic Rhodes, RB, Colts
6pm  SunbeamS 			- Alge Crumpler, TE, Atlanta Falcons
7pm  Phase Locked Loops 	- Reggie Wayne, WR Indianapolis Keeper
8pm  Chico's Bail Bonds 	- Thomas Jones, starting RB, DaBearz
9pm  Liquid Sunshine 		- Culpepper, Dante, QB Mia
10pm Shiny Turds (Trout) 	- Horn, Joe, WR Saints
11pm Floorpie 			- Bulger, Mark QB, Rams

10am Floorpie            	- DEF Chicago
11am Shiny Turds         	- Cooley, Chris, TE Redskins
12pm Liquid Sunshine     	- Miller, Heath TE, Pitt
1pm  Chico's Bail Bonds   	- DeAngelo Williams, RB, Carolina
2pm  Phase Locked Loops   	- Shockey, Jeremy TE, Giants  [Keeper]
3pm  SunbeamS             	- Greg Jones RB, Tampa
4pm  The Goats of Doom    	- McMichael, Randy, TE, Dolphins
5pm  77's Hit Squad       	- Vick, Michael QB, Atlanta 
6pm  Springfield Atoms    	- "Fragile Freddie" Taylor, RB Jacksonville
7pm  Asskickers           	- Deion Branch, WR New England Patriots
8pm  Quahog Quamire       	- Smith,Rod WR, Broncos
9pm  ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Jon Kitna, QB Detroit
10pm Killer Eeyores      	- Eddie Kennison, WR  Kansas City
11pm WonderPups          	- Nate Burleson, WR, Seattle

10am WonderPups 		- LenDale White, RB, Titans
11am Killer Eeyores 		- Mike Bell, RB, Denver
12pm ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Jones, Julius RB, Dallas (keeper)
1pm  Quahog Quagmire 		- Brown, Chris RB Titans
2pm  Asskickers 		- Kevan Barlow, RB, Jets
3pm  Springfield Atoms 		- Gore, Frank RB, 49ers (keeper)
4pm  77's Hit Squad 		- Atlanta D
5pm  Zipcode Clay Pigeons 	- Ravens D
6pm  SunbeamS 			- LaDell Betts, RB, Redskins
7pm  Phase Locked Loops 	- Moss, Santana - WR, Washington (keeper)
8pm  Chico's Bail Bonds 	- Antonio Bryant, WR, SoBadcisco 49ers
9pm  Liquid Sunshine 		- Coles,Laveraneus WR, NYJ
10pm Shiny Turds (Trout) 	- Muhammad, Muhsin WR, Bears
11pm Floorpie 			- Evans,Lee WR, Buffalo (keeper) 

10am Floorpie             	- Bell, Tatum RB, Denver (keeper)
11am Shiny Turds (Trout)      	- NY Giants DEF
12pm Liquid Sunshine      	- Keyshawn Johnson - WR Car
1pm  Chico's Bail Bonds    	- Drew Bennett, WR, Flaming ThumbTacks
2pm  Phase Locked Loops    	- McCardell, Keenan, WR, Chargahs
3pm  SunbeamS              	- Eagles Defense
4pm  The Goats of Doom     	- Bledsoe, Drew QB, Dallas (keeper)
5pm  77's Hit Squad        	- Carolina D
6pm  Springfield Atoms     	- Trent Green, QB KC
7pm  Asskickers            	- Delhomme, Jake QB, Carolina (keeper)
8pm  Quahog Quamire        	- Simms, Chris QB TB
9pm  ZipCode Clay Pigeons  	- Jordan, Lamont RB, Oakland (keeper)
10pm Killer Eeyores       	- Jake Plummer, QB, Denver
11pm WonderPups           	- Palmer, Carson QB, Cincy (keeper)

10am WonderPups 		- Troy Williamson, WR, Min
11am Killer Eeyores 		- Gates, Antonio TE, SD (keeper)
12pm ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Clayton, Michael WR, Tampa (keeper)
1pm  Quahog Quamire 		- Perry, Chris RB, Bengals (keeper)
2pm  Asskickers 		- Smith, LJ TE, Eagles
3pm  Springfield Atoms 		- Driver, Donald WR, GB (keeper)
4pm  77's Hit Squad 		- TJ Duckett, RB/ClintonPortisCaddy, Skins
5pm  The Goats of Doom 		- Curtis, Kevin WR, Rams (keeper)
6pm  SunbeamS 			- Johnson, Larry RB, KC
7pm  Phase Locked Loops 	- Smith, Musa RB Ravens
8pm  Chico's Bail Bonds 	- Philip Rivers, QB, S.D. Cordelias
9pm  Liquid Sunshine 		- Stallworth D. - WR NO
10pm Shiny Turds (Trout) 	- Barber, Marion, RB, Cowboys
11pm Floorpie 			- Droughns, Rueben RB, Cleveland (keeper) 

10am Floorpie                 	- Jurevicius, Joe WR, Cleveland
11am Shiny Turds (Trout)        - Jackson, Vincent WR, Chargers
12pm Liquid Sunshine          	- Morency,Vernand RB, Texans
1pm  Chico's Bail Bonds        	- Galloway, Joey WR, Tampa (keeper)
2pm  Phase Locked Loops        	- White, Roddy WR, Falcons
3pm  SunbeamS                  	- David Akers, PK Eagles
4pm  The Goats of Doom         	- Vinatieri, Adamt K, Indy (keeper)
5pm  77's Hit Squad            	- Winslow, Kellen TE, Cleveland (keeper)
6pm  Asskickers                	- Edwards, Braylon WR Browns(pick via Springfield)
7pm  Asskickers                	- Moats, Ryan RB, Philly (keeper)
8pm  Quahog Quamire            	- Gabriel, Doug WR, Raidahs
9pm  Phase Locked Loops        	- Steelers, Def. (pick via Pigeons)
10pm Killer Eeyores           	- Jacksonville Defense
11pm WonderPups               	- Roethlishelmet, Ben QB, Steelers (keeper)

ROUND 10 -
10am WonderPups 		- Gado, Sam RB, GB (keeper)
11am Killer Eeyores 		- Jones, Matt WR, Jax (keeper)
12pm Killer Eeyores 		- Robinson, Koren WR, Minn (keeper) (pick via Pigeons)
1pm  Quahog Quagmire 		- Graham, Shayne K, Cin-cin-a-ti
2pm  Springfield Atoms 		- Jacobs, Brandon RB, Giants (keeper) (pick via Asskissers)
3pm  Springfield Atoms 		- Wilford, Ernest WR, Jax (keeper)
4pm  77's Hit Squad 		- Grossman, Rex QB, CHI (keeper)
5pm  ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Jay Feely, Giants kicker (pick via Goats)
6pm  SunbeamS 			- Chris Henry, WR, Bengals
7pm  ZipCode Clay Pigeons 	- Parker, Willie RB, Pitt (keeper) (pick via Phase)
8pm  Chico's Bail Bonds 	- Manning, Eli QB, Giants (keeper)
9pm  Liquid Sunshine 		- Indianapolis, DEF
10pm Shiny Turds (Trout) 	- Taylor, Chester RB, Minn (keeper)
11pm Floorpie 			- Watson, Ben TE, NE (keeper)
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