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Hi Guys,

Interesting article. I wonder if the Russian Gov. will ever 'relent', and allow the country to prosper as it should?

Russia’s economy grew by close to 4 percent in 2010. Compared with developed economies, this was a robust achievement, given the uncertainties faced by the global economy and the continuing debt crises in some small European economies. These economies could still endanger the stability of the European economy more widely, and thus cast a shadow on the prospects of Russia’s major trading partner.

rk (long Gazprom, and Rosneft)
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Medvedev's certainly making the appropriate noises - question is whether any Put-niks are listening?

'Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday slammed the country's investment climate and reeled off a list of measures in a bid to entice foreign capital into the country.

At a meeting with state officials and tycoons in the metals city of Magnitogorsk in the Urals, the Kremlin chief gave a particularly bleak assessment of the investment climate and told state officials to leave corporate boards of directors and appoint investment envoys across the country.

"Corruption's grip is not weakening, it has the whole economy by the throat. The result is obvious -- the money is fleeing our economy." '
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Just flew in from Moscow (and boy are my arms tired), and I can confirm that this was all over the papers early last week. Written up in both Novaya Gazeta and in the English language Moscow News, in complementary stories, and alongside stories about Medvedev's efforts to clean house and remove various state officials from their positions on the boards of directors of partially state-owned enterprises. The rumor is that we may be on the brink of a big new privatization effort.

Other big news last week was the self-censorship of one TV station that first edited the heck out of, then refused to air entirely, a popular poet's criticism of Putin.

And speculation is heating up over the 2012 election, and whether Putin and Medvedev are really feuding, or whether it's all for show. The Presidency/PM situation is being regularly described as a: "duumvirate" and a "tandem presidency."

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'The rumor is that we may be on the brink of a big new privatization effort.

Thanks - that's great news indeed!

Now that they're riding high on surging oil prices, this is their best chance to make the right long term moves. They're running out of time demographically - that window of opportunity is closing fast!

"By the 2020s, Russia, along with the rest of Eastern Europe, will be in the midst of an extended population decline as steep or steeper than any in the developed world. The Russian fertility rate has plunged far beneath the replacement level even as life expectancy has collapsed amid a widening health crisis. Russian men today can expect to live to 60—16 years less than American men and marginally less than their Red Army grandfathers at the end of World War II. By 2050, Russia is due to fall to 16th place in world population rankings, down from 4th place in 1950 (or third place, if we include all the territories of the former Soviet Union). Prime Minister Vladimir Putin flatly calls Russia’s demographic implosion “the most acute problem facing our country today.”
Authors: Neil Howe & Richard Jackson: "Global Aging and the Crisis of the 2020s"
Quoted by John Mauldin "Outside the box" : Volume 7 - Issue 2
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